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  • 27 Different Drugs Found in Lake Michigan

    Looking out over Lake Michigan

    Milwaukee water safe but MMSD official says capturing pharmaceuticals is going to be challenge.

  • Milwaukee Leads The Way on Water Testing


    After the cryptosporidium crisis city became a national leader, whose system tests for more than 500 chemicals.

  • Airborne Asbestos Plagues South Side?

    Sylvia Ortiz

    A KK river restoration project may be causing asbestos and lead contamination while tearing down homes too near the river.

  • S. 2nd Street Street Re-design Approved at Committee

    S. 2nd Street Before

    For over a year business owners, property owners, and residents in Walker's Point have worked to have S. 2nd Street rebuilt with people in mind. The plan, as has covered in past, includes narrowing the street from 58 feet to 50 feet, removing travel lanes, and adding bike lanes, street trees, and new lighting with the goal of creating a street conducive to multiple modes of transportation, be it walking, biking, or driving.

  • Seven Reasons To Replace The Hoan Bridge

    The Hoan Bridge

    Both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Business Journal of Milwaukee have covered the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's announcement that they're examining options for the future of the Hoan Bridge as the day nears when it will need costly repairs. We thought it was time to weigh in.

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