25,000 State Retirees Could Lose Pensions

25,000 State Retirees Could Lose Pensions

Wisconsin Teamsters’ pensions in jeopardy due to federal inaction, alleged mismanagement.

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25,000 State Retirees Could Lose Pensions

Wisconsin Teamsters' pensions in jeopardy due to federal inaction, alleged mismanagement.

WMC Behind New Anti-Regulation Bill

State’s top business group pushed lame duck bill giving Republicans control of state rules.

One More Tax Cut For The Wealthy

Legislature's lame duck session passed $60 million income tax cut, mostly benefits top 20%.

Anti-Immigrant Policies Spread Fear, Experts Say

Speakers at UWM panel urge more information to combat ignorance about immigrants.

Episode 002

What's the deal with Komatsu? And Senator Chris Larson joins the show to talk about the lame duck legislative session.

Remembering George H.W. Bush

One of the most down-to-earth guys you'd ever meet, he accomplished a lot.

Lame-Duck Bill Changes Highway Funding

Will avoid federal wage requirements; experts express concerns.

What Will Scott Walker’s Legacy Be?

Remembered for his accomplishments? Or his “poor loser” legislation?

Sheriff Lucas Pledges to Restore “Integrity”

Sees challenges, promises changes to county office run by David Clarke for 15 years.

Lame Duck Laws All About Secrecy

Vos and Fitzgerald didn’t even attend the public hearing on their far-reaching legislation.

The Republican War Against Democracy

Details in lame duck bills show disdain for democracy by Vos and Fitzgerald.

Can “2nd Worst” Place for Blacks Improve?

How local leaders should respond to metro Milwaukee’s low ranking in recent study.

Local Officials Oppose Wealth Test for Immigrants

Barrett, Abele, Moore oppose Trump plan requiring minimum income for immigrants to America.



Congresswoman Gwen Moore Endorses Bob Peterson for MPS Board of School Directors, Citywide Seat

The election for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors is April 2, 2019, with a possible primary February 19.

Judges Rally Behind Danielle Shelton in Race for Milwaukee Circuit Court JudgeIN RACE FOR MILWAUKEE CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE

"It’s an honor to have the support of so many renowned leaders from across Milwaukee County who know what it takes to serve the court."

Milwaukee Police Association Endorses Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate

"I’m honored to have the Milwaukee Police Association’s endorsement."

Candidate for Alderman Endorsed by Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Union

"It's great to know the firefighters have got my back in this very competitive race."

Godlewski Campaign Announces Endorsement By Former State Treasurer Jack Voight

Voight, a Republican, served as Treasurer from 1995 to 2007.


What Will Scott Walker’s Legacy Be?

Remembered for his accomplishments? Or his “poor loser” legislation?

Foxconn Covets Intellectual Property Rights

Besides $4.1 billion subsidy, it seeks IP rights of students, faculty, other companies.

State Ruling Threatens City Health?

Killing city’s restaurant rating system could increase food-borne illness in Milwaukee.


The Republican War Against Democracy

Details in lame duck bills show disdain for democracy by Vos and Fitzgerald.

Gap Grows Between MPS and Charter, Choice

State school report cards since 2014 tell the tale. Are there solutions for MPS?

What State School Report Cards Tell Us

Measuring charter and choice schools against MPS is revealing.


How Walker Transformed Wisconsin’s Courts

One-third of all judges in state appointed by Republican governor.

Gerrymander Caused Women Assembly Losses?

27 women Democrats running for Assembly lost, women leaders point to gerrymandering.

Advice for Gov. Tony Evers

Take it or leave it, here’s some do’s and don’t’s for the new governor.


Press Releases

Gov.-elect Tony Evers, Lt. Gov.-elect Mandela Barnes announce ‘Building the People’s Budget’ Tour

The statewide tour will start on Tuesday, December 11 in Green Bay and end the following week in Milwaukee.

Senator Scott Fitzgerald Announces New Communications Director

"Alec [Zimmerman] will be an integral part of the team as we work diligently on behalf of our constituents."

Governor-elect Tony Evers and Lt. Governor-elect Mandela Barnes Announce Next Generation Workforce and Economic Development Policy Advisory Council

"Investing in an economy that creates good-paying, family-supporting jobs for the people of Wisconsin is a top priority for our administration."

U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin and Lisa Murkowski’s Bipartisan Legislation to Improve Access to Maternity Care in Rural and Underserved Areas Passes Senate

The legislation will help ensure women have better access to timely, high quality maternity care by identifying provider shortage areas in rural and underserved communities

County Moves to Take Control of Jail Medical Services

Committee Approves Measure to Ensure Delivery of Quality Healthcare

AFP Encourages Legislature to Work with Evers on Public Defender Reimbursement

"Americans for Prosperity encourages the legislature to work with Governor-elect Evers to address this mounting due process crisis in 2019."

Reform Federal Disability Insurance to Help Address Wisconsin’s Labor Shortage

Subjective criteria, work disincentives plague disability insurance program

What Will Your Message To Gov.-Elect Evers Be?

I call on you to veto any and all bills passed during our lame-duck session that will limit the powers of our newly elected Governor and Attorney General.

WI & MI GOP Attempt to Undermine the Voice of Voters, Put Democracy and Safety at Risk

Wisconsin and Michigan Republicans are following the dangerous political games played by North Carolina GOP in 2016