Back in the News: Poll Shows Barrett Way Ahead

Poll Shows Barrett Way Ahead

Zielinski, Taylor do poorly and more voters favor streetcar.

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Poll Shows Barrett Way Ahead

Zielinski, Taylor do poorly and more voters favor streetcar.

Proposal Lets County Workers Staff the Polls

Board supports employees getting paid time off to work at polling sites.

Senator Baldwin Fights for Retirees

Her bill rescues Central States Pension Fund, which covers 400,000 workers, including 25,000 in this state.

Meet Evers’ New Ag Advisor, Brad Pfaff

Governor’s fired Agriculture Secretary now the Department of Administration’s director of business and rural development.

Lipscomb Will Run for County Exec

County Board chair says troubled finances must be focus of next county executive.

Did DPI Break the Law?

To make choice schools look bad, it manipulated state test data.

Assembly to Vote on New Hemp Law

New rules will affect 1,247 hemp growers and 556 hemp processors in the state.

Poverty for Senior Citizens Rising

Costs of housing and health care driving up elderly poverty. Are there solutions?

The Path to Brad Pfaff’s Firing

Why GOP legislators shot down Agriculture Secretary. And why Evers was incensed.

Legislators Can’t Intervene in Abortion Case, Court Says

Leaves Attorney General Kaul to defend state in Planned Parenthood challenge to GOP-passed abortion law.

Evers, Blank Plan $15 Minimum Wage

Raises for all state and UW-Madison workers in 2020/2021

Council Cuts Police, Adopts $1.6 Billion Budget

Council wrestles with huge fiscal challenges due to rising police costs, declining state aid.

Tom Steyer Comes to Town

That would be the billionaire investor running for president who calls Trump “a fake businessman.”



Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin endorses Rebecca Kiefer in race to be Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

“I thank Planned Parenthood Advocates for their endorsement, and honor the important work they do every day.”

Wisconsin legislators rally behind Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Judge Karofsky currently serves as a criminal court judge in Dane County.

State Rep. David Bowen Endorses Jason Fields for Comptroller

Milwaukee representative says Fields is effective, best for the city

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Endorse Marina for Alderwoman!

"The support of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin is a tremendous addition to the diverse support we have received in my campaign for Alderwoman."

Elected officials rally behind Rebecca Kiefer in race to be Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

“I am grateful to State Representatives Bowen and Zamarripa, and the other elected officials who have endorsed my campaign thus far.”


Summerfest CEO Awarded $2.33 Million

Don Smiley’s 2017 pay package includes $1.3 million deferred from prior years. City officials “shocked.”

Summerfest Blows Off City Meeting

No festival official attends scheduled meeting. Partnership with city “broken”, Ald. Murphy says.

How Hispanics Have Saved Milwaukee

Acid attack against man for “invasion” of Hispanics couldn’t be more wrong about their impact.


NAEP Test Results Bad News for MPS

They’ve also gone down for the state. How can we do better?

What’s Causing Decline in Insured Children?

Health insurance for kids declined in some states including Wisconsin under Walker. Why?

Segregation in Milwaukee Area Schools

The data tells a sobering story of racial and economic separation.


The Path to Brad Pfaff’s Firing

Why GOP legislators shot down Agriculture Secretary. And why Evers was incensed.

Online World Transforms Capitol Coverage

Biggest surprise: More journalists than ever may be covering the Capitol.

Task Force Takes on Retirement “Crisis”

Huge numbers of older Wisconsin residents have little in retirement savings.


Press Releases

State Senator Chris Larson Registers Fundraising Committee to Explore Running for Milwaukee County Executive

"Today’s filing allows me to explore running for Milwaukee County Executive on a deeper level and a greater capacity to listen to our neighbors."

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 212 Endorses Peter Burgelis for Common Council, District 11

“Local 212 has an incredible record of fighting for progressive causes, from education to immigration.”

Finance Chair Schmitt Thanks Colleagues, Applauds County Staff for Work on 2020 Budget

"We had to make tough choices again this year but we should all be proud that we produced a balanced budget while maintaining services."

It’s time to Hold Lawmakers Accountable for Votes on Education

SOS Wauwatosa calls on legislators to provide adequate school aids.

Gov. Evers Signs Executive Order #59 Relating to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in State Government

"Ensuring our state workforce not only reflects the folks we serve, but implements culturally responsive and equitable policies, is critical for our state government to be effective."

ACLU of Wisconsin Calls on Menomonee Falls to Retire Racist Mascot

“Race-based mascots and imagery perpetuate damaging stereotypes and undermine the educational experience of all students,” said Chris Ott, ACLU of Wisconsin executive director.

Gov. Evers Seeks Applicants for Waushara County District Attorney

The new appointee will serve for the remainder of the unexpired term that ends January 2021.

Lawmakers Held Accountable for Votes on Education with Report Cards

s districts statewide receive state-mandated report cards, public education advocates demand an assessment of lawmakers who set budgets that determine schools’ ability to succeed

Shilling Co-Authors Veteran Tax Credit Bill

“The men and women who answered the call to serve have earned our respect and should be able to receive the tax credits that are available to them.”


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