MKE County: Wilson Park Homeless Warming Center Debated

Wilson Park Homeless Warming Center Debated

Public meeting gets unruly on proposal to let homeless sleep overnight in senior center.

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Wilson Park Homeless Warming Center Debated

Public meeting gets unruly on proposal to let homeless sleep overnight in senior center.

State Supreme Court Race Is Crucial

At stake is whether justices will recuse themselves to avoid flagrant conflicts of interest.

Big Decline in State’s ACA Recipients

State sees 15% decline, Milwaukee County 26% drop in those covered by Obamacare.

What Is Elections Commission Thinking?

Requesting GOP legislators’ guidance on voter roll purge could corrupt process.

China Tariffs Hurting Farmers, Kind Says

Congressman pushes Trump to settle trade war, help farmers losing out on export markets.

State Leads in Cutting Pollution Control

Funding decline of 36% from 2008-2018, biggest in U.S., Walker helped drive change.

State Must Address Sexual Assault Issue

Will Legislature pass bipartisan bill to assure backlog of rape kits doesn’t recur?

Trump Picks Camp David Over Milwaukee

G7 summit to be held at Presidential retreat, not downtown Milwaukee site Barrett offered.

Poor Hit Again by Food Aid Cuts

Trump follows Walker model to cut more, as many as 25,000 in state will lose aid.

State Still Committed to Foxconn Deal

“It has to be a good deal,” says new head of WEDC.

Stunned Council Grills FPC Director

"It all doesn't add up" two aldermen say, while Hamilton says questions were answered.

“Officer Ray’s” FPC Appointment Okayed

Committee approves appointment of retired officer to police oversight board.

Taylor Blames FPC Problems on Mayor

Mayoral opponent accuses Barrett of mismanagement, corruption, cronyism.



Judge Jill Karofsky announces major labor endorsement in Supreme Court race

“It’s a tremendous honor to have the support of IBEW’s hard-working members across the state.”

Patty Doherty Announces Her Run for 13th District Alderwoman

"For the past 12 years, I have worked in the office of the Common Council and for the last 11 years, as Alderman Donovan’s Legislative Assistant."

Dozens more Wisconsin elected officials endorse Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Karofsky earns support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from across Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin endorses Rebecca Kiefer in race to be Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

“I thank Planned Parenthood Advocates for their endorsement, and honor the important work they do every day.”

Wisconsin legislators rally behind Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Judge Karofsky currently serves as a criminal court judge in Dane County.


Foxconn May Cut State GDP By $6 Billion

Loss could have been as high as $19 billion under original plan, study says.

Grant Langley Will Run for Reelection

City attorney's decision sets up race against his old friend, attorney Vince Bobot.

Who Lost the City Residency Rule?

Lena Taylor blames Mayor Barrett. But did she fight the state law killing residency?


How We View Undocumented Immigrants

Polls show even state’s Republican voters overwhelmingly oppose current policies.

Can Government Break Its Promises?

Obamacare law’s promises to insurers later broken by Republicans. Courts will decide if that’s legal

Why Raise the Minimum Wage

The data is now overwhelming on the positive effect in states that did so.


Big Decline in State’s ACA Recipients

State sees 15% decline, Milwaukee County 26% drop in those covered by Obamacare.

Wheel Tax Now Ranges from $85 to $253

As cities and counties add vehicle registration fees, your cost depends on where you live.

Binge Drinking Cost County $594 Million

New report finds $3.9 billion impact in 2018 for entire state. Wisconsin ranks second in binge drinking.


Press Releases

AG Kaul Statement on National Guard Report and Reforms

"I support Governor Evers’ swift response to the National Guard Bureau Office of Complex Investigations report, with his issuance of Executive Order #62."

Gov. Evers Announces Sweeping Reforms Within Wisconsin National Guard

Gov. Evers Calls for Leadership Change; Signs Executive Order #62 relating to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedures, Investigation Protocols, and Accountability Measures in the Wisconsin National Guard

Rev. Dr. Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr. Joins the Race to Replace Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander

My Mission is to move Milwaukee County & it’s citizen’s forward from it’s past, to a brighter future, through strategic partnerships, proactive solutions, and community awareness.

Gov. Evers Hosts 2019 Capitol Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony with DNR Sec. Cole and Wisconsin Students

“The best part about the holiday season at the Capitol is that it is a collaborative effort of folks all over our state that makes this season such a success.”

Wisconsin Republicans Forget the Reason for the Season

"I believe it’s hypocritical to pretend to care about Christmas by requiring the word be used, but then failing the spirit of the holiday and behaving like Grinches and Scrooges towards the homeless in Wisconsin."

Congresswoman Moore Supports Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Improve Housing Conditions in Indian Country

"I am pleased to join my colleagues in introducing this legislation that respects Tribal sovereignty and meets our trust obligation to Native Americans by providing funding for low-income housing."

Gov. Evers Orders Flags to Half-Staff in Honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

“On this National Day of Remembrance, we honor the memories of the servicemembers who perished that day and pay tribute to them for their bravery and sacrifice.”

Gov. Evers Seeks Applicants for Register of Deeds of Rusk County

The new register of deeds will complete a term ending Jan. 3, 2021.

"The company is committed to Milwaukee, and Milwaukee is very pleased with its growing presence here."


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