Q&A With Circuit Court Candidates Part Two

Q&A With Circuit Court Candidates Part Two

Blomme, Dedinsky and Whitney make their case for election to Branch 5. Part Two

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Q&A With Circuit Court Candidates Part Two

Blomme, Dedinsky and Whitney make their case for election to Branch 5. Part Two

DNR Working On New PFAS Rules

GOP controlled assembly rejects legislation enabling tougher regulation of "forever chemicals."

AG Calls Out GOP Lawmaker

Kaul urges legislator to work on sexual assault kit bill.

State Expects To Collect $818 Million More in Taxes Than Estimated

Republicans and Democrats battle over how to use the money.

Plan Will Build City’s Largest Solar Array

City, We Energies partner on eight-acre solar farm, enough electricity to power 400 homes.

Republicans Bash Evers Before He Speaks

Condemn governor as too partisan, but his State of State speech is mostly conciliatory.

Foxconn’s 1 Million Square Feet; Of What?

Despite media claims, new facility unlikely to be a Gen 6 manufacturer. So what will it be?

Q&A With Circuit Court Candidates

Blomme, Dedinsky and Whitney make their case for election to Branch 5. Part 1 of two-part story.

Evers Calls Special Session on Dairy Crisis

His State-of-State speech also announces nonpartisan redistricting commission.

Climate Task Force Readying Report

Officials discuss joint city-county report on environmental strategies due in March.

After 22 Years Sen. Miller Stepping Down

Monona Democrat muses on a changing Capitol. “Compromise is viewed as a traitorous act.”

Hot Debate, Limited Action by Senate

Limited bills on homeless, clean water passed, nothing on dark stores tax loophole.

Democrats Denounce Citizens United

On 10th anniversary of decision, legislators call for statewide advisory referendum to amend constitution.


Did Chief Morales Target His FPC Boss?

Common Council concerned. “Borderline frightening” use of police power, Bauman charges.

Why a Voter Purge Is So Critical

The goal is to reelect Trump. Even if that means purging some Republican voters, too.

State Tax Burden Lowest in 50 Years

Huge change, combined state-local taxes down by 22% or $8.5 billion annually since 1994.


Both Parties Bar Primary Challenge to Trump

Weld and Walsh barred from Republican presidential primary in state’s Spring election. Why?

The Return of Texas v. U.S.

Case could kill ACA, leave 18 million without health insurance. Which states would be hurt most?

Measuring Republican Views on Impeachment

Poll shows a culture of denial among Wisconsin Trump supporters.


GOP Targets Three Democratic Reps

Their Assembly districts voted for Trump. They now face Republican challengers.

Clean Water Becomes Hot Political Issue

Gov. Evers and legislators in both parties call for action. Will they work together?

State Credits Lower Your Tax Bill

Reducing the pain of that end-of-year property tax bill you received.


Press Releases

Baldwin, Risch Lead Bipartisan Effort to Stand Up for America’s Dairy Farmers

Baldwin and Risch implored Commissioner Hahn to work with Congress to combat the misuse of dairy terms on non-dairy products.

Risser Applauds Governor Evers’ State of the State Address

Last night during the State of the State Address, Governor Evers delivered a resounding call to action on the challenges facing our state.

Governor Calls on Legislature to Pass Vruwink’s Small Farm Diversity Legislation

Assembly Bill 495, if enacted, would provide up to $50,000 per grant for agricultural operations that are conducted on 50 acres or less of land.

Representative Myers’ Response to the State of the State Address

I am confident in the governor’s plans to move Wisconsin forward

Rep. Bowen’s Statement on Gov. Evers’ 2020 State of the State Address

Wisconsinites want the Legislature to work together for them over political divisions.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Response To State of the State

Republicans will continue to block Governor Evers’ liberal agenda and ensure the state moves forward without expanding welfare, overspending or overtaxing the citizens of Wisconsin.

Gov. Evers Ready to Get to Work for Wisconsin

The people we represent deserve to have elected officials who show up and get things done for their families. That’s what I’m here to do.

Rep. Robyn Vining Commends Governor Evers’ State of the State Address

“I look forward to continuing my work with Governor Evers and my colleagues in the legislature on the issues that Wisconsinites care about. Forward together.”

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald Reacts to Governor Evers’ State of the State Address

The state of our state is strong. Republican-backed reforms continue to fuel our state’s economy and have our state budget in the best shape in decades.


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