Urban Milwaukee seeks to provide an informative and open dialogue on the issues, events, and people affecting Milwaukee’s most urban neighborhoods, and to promote urbanism within the city of Milwaukee.

Jeramey Jannene

President and Co-founder

Jeramey is passionate about building a better Milwaukee. Since moving to Milwaukee to attend college in 2005, he has become passionate about cities and the social, economic, and environmental benefits of living, working, and playing in walkable neighborhoods.

Jeramey founded Urban Milwaukee in 2008 with business partner Dave Reid. Outside of the Urban Milwaukee news website, Jeramey co-manages Urban Milwaukee: The Store with Dave Reid.

Jeramey serves on the Milwaukee County Transit Services Advisory Committee and is a board member of MetroGO!, an organization focused on promoting regional transit in Milwaukee.

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Dave Reid

Publisher and Co-founder

Dave currently lives in East Town and has become a strong advocate for urbanist ideals. In October 2009 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Friends of Lakeshore State Park. He also sits on the Board of the Directors of the Downtown Neighbors Association of Milwaukee. He believes for Milwaukee to grow we need to improve mass transit, encourage density, and promote place making.

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Bruce Murphy


Murphy served seven years as editor of Milwaukee Magazine and three years as a senior enterprise reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where he did numerous front page stories, including exposes of a generous state pension plan hatched by Gov. Tommy Thompson and a hard-hitting series on corporate executive pay.

Murphy was an online innovator, as co-founder and editor/writer of the website MilwaukeeWorld.com, and has TV credentials as well, having worked as a reporter for the WMVS-TV show “Interchange.”  He also forged a path in alternative weeklies, as editor of the upstart Metro Milwaukee Weekly in the late 1990s, until the paper was purchased by the Shepherd Express, where Murphy served as editor in 1999. He also had a two-year stint with the Madison alt weekly Isthmus in the mid-1980s, where he was an arts and entertainment editor and occasional political columnist.

Murphy has won more than 30 national and state writing awards, including nine from the National City and Regional Magazine Association, including back-to-back honors for investigative writing in 1995-1996. He was nominated for best blog of 2011-2012 by the association, whose judges declared that “Murphy has created a gem with his politics blog, ‘Murphy’s Law.’ Thoroughly researched and known for putting fact ahead of opinion and argument, it stands out as a prime example of journalism as public service.”

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Gabrielle Barriere

Director of Business Development

Gabrielle Barriere is the Director of Business Development for Urban Milwaukee. Barriere leads the publication’s advertising, sales and membership efforts. She came to Urban Milwaukee as an editorial intern during her study of journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is thrilled to continue working and writing for the site. Originally from the Waukesha area, Gabrielle has lived in Milwaukee for the last five years. She currently resides on the Lower East Side, which provides her with easy access to much-needed local coffee, live music, and plenty of good sushi.

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