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Welcome to the beta release of Urban Milwaukee's Political Contributions Tracker. Our goal is to deliver an easy-to-use interface to follow the money in Milwaukee politics. The data included below is from an on-going effort to match campaign contributions to real people.

Future updates will add organization & business affiliations, substantially more reports and a number of other improvements. Please provide feedback on our beta relase using our contact form on how we can improve the service.

Top 100 Contributors

Name Lifetime Contributions Excerpt
Frank Crivello$31,25521Executive Vice President at Phoenix Investors
Dennis Klein$18,10221Executive at CD Smith.
Joe Crivello$16,0157Joe Crivello is the president of Capable Management Consulting and a director and advisory board member at Phoenix Investors.
Anthony Crivello$15,8998Son of Frank Crivello.
Michael Weiss$12,0439President of General Capital Group.
Kurt Jensen$10,8159Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Leasing for Phoenix Investors.
Robert Hillis$9,3863Founder of Direct Supply.
Mark Irgens$9,1208CEO/Manager of Irgens Partners.
John Schiek$9,0002John Schiek.
Ed Aprahamian$8,9004President of MidAmerican Building Services.
Joel Lee$8,58016President of Van Buren Management, Inc.
Karl Rajani$8,32911President of Matt Talbot Recovery Service.
Rick Barrett$8,1899President of Barrett Visionary Development.
Nick Anton$7,88320Owner of La Perla.
Dick Abdoo$7,5585President of R.A. Abdoo and Company, LLC.
Nicolas Alexander$7,5004Nicolas Alexander
Amit Gauri$7,3947President of Chicago firm Black Dog Corp.
Charnjit Kaur$7,3658Owner of retail store at 1301 W. Atkinson Ave. and developing building at 4616 W. Hampton Ave.
Stephen Marcus$7,18913Chairman of Marcus Corp.
Joseph Modl$7,1554Co-owner of Silk
Alex Lasry$7,15111Vice President of Strategy & Operations at the Milwaukee Bucks.
Larry Erlich$6,9354Vice President at Waukesha Iron.
Radomir Buzdum$6,7904
Peter Feigin$6,60012President of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Ralph Kauten$6,4005Chairman & CEO of Quintessence Biosciences.
Giacomo Fallucca$6,3184President and CEO of Palermo Villa
Allah W. Bhatti$6,2502Allah W. Bhatti, MD. Resident of River Hills.
Tony Teich$6,1653Tony Teich, president of Mill Valley Recycling, 1006 S. Barclay St.
Jalem Getz$6,1003President of Wantable. Founder and former head of BuySeasons
Michael Cudahy$6,0002Philanthropist and the founder of Marquette Electronics.
Robert Donovan$6,0001Eighth District Alderman.
Thomas Manos$6,0002President and CEO of Park Dental Specialists.
Jeremy Kaufman$6,0003Chief Executive Officer of Kaufman Jacobs.
Jay Rothman$6,0003Jay Rothman
Don Layden$6,0002
Kevin J. Schuele$6,0001Owner of PAK Technologies.
Herb Kohl$6,0002Former U.S. Senator.
Alan Jin$6,0002Optometrist at Wheaton Eye Clinic in Wheaton, IL.
Ryan Trost$5,85510Senior Vice President of Finance for Phoenix Investors.
Peter Ogden$5,67212President and chairman of Ogden & Company, Inc.
Donald Raffaelli$5,60911Owner of Ricky's on State, a strip club and tavern.
Renee Herzing$5,5506
Ashleigh Trost$5,5058Married to Ryan Trost
John Hegarty$5,4753Former owner of Hegarty's Irish Pub and Glocca Morra.
Dominic Giuffre$5,4509Owner of Giuffre Bros. Cranes.
Edward Stritch$5,3504CEO of the Concord Group.
Darshan Dhaliwal$5,3105President at Bulk Petroleum
David Uihlein$5,20010
Sue Wiechmann$5,1503Sue Wiechmann
Carl Mueller$5,12027Founder, chairman and CEO of Mueller Communications.
Habib Manjee$5,10012General manger of the Lady Bug Club.
Scott Haag$5,0505CEO of Moore Oil.
Lynde Uihlein$5,0001
John Kissinger$4,8337John H. Kissinger, P.E., S.E., LEED® AP, Chief Executive Officer, GRAEF
David Marks$4,7158Managing director at Phoenix Investors, LLC.
Carrie Jensen$4,7157Wife of Kurt Jensen.
Jon Ferraro$4,5737Owner of Silk Exotic.
Matt Freeman$4,4585River Hills resident. Jimmy John's franchisee.
Brian Randall$4,42822Attorney with Friebert, Finerty & St. John S.C.
Gary Gorman$4,3506Chief Executive Officer of Gorman & Company.
Selahattin Kurter$4,2003Selahattin Kurter.
Chris Abele$4,1805Milwaukee County Executive.
Rich Meeusen$4,0002President and Chief Executive Officer of Badger Meter.
James A. Tarantino$4,0004Founder and principal of Tarantino & Company, LLC.
Harvey Hammond Jr.$4,0002Executive chairman of the HNTB Companies.
Tim Wendler$4,0002Vice president of operations at Duncan Solutions.
Jay Walia$3,95211
Erich Schwenker$3,9444President of Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.
Frank Jaber$3,8004Owner of grocery and convenience stores.
Robert Rauch$3,8008President of Paratech Ambulance.
Scott Krahn$3,7823Part owner of Silk Exotic.
Brian Fricker$3,7802Brian Fricker, president of Staffing Partners
Frank Giuffre$3,7288
Sally Peltz$3,7006
Spencer Coggs$3,7001Spencer Coggs is the City of Milwaukee Treasurer.
Mohammad Amir$3,7005Mohammad Amir
James Phelps$3,53211President of JCP Construction.
Larry Pachefsky$3,51313Owner of Mr. P's Tires.
Eugene Smith$3,5136Owner of Gene's Lane & Lounge.
Dan Bader$3,5003President and CEO of Bader Philanthropies.
Carol Gehl$3,5003Attorney.
David Gruber$3,5002Attorney.
Jose G. Zarate$3,5008Jose G. Zarate, Owner of La Fuente.
Kalan Haywood$3,44016President of Vangard Development.
Glenn Frankovis$3,4257Retired Milwaukee Police Department Captain.
Henry Herzing$3,4004Henry Herzing
Steve Chernof$3,39214
Tony Janowiec$3,3864Principal of Interstate Parking Co.
Gary Goyke$3,36715Former State Senator.
Tina Chang$3,3505Tina Chang, CEO of SysLogic.
Ted Matkom$3,3506
Mark Flaherty$3,26810Managing partner at Jackson Street Holdings.
David Lubar$3,2502President and CEO of Lubar & Co.
Jalin Phelps$3,2419Vice president of field operations at JCP Construction.
William Ryan Drew$3,2368Former Milwaukee alderman and commissioner of the Department of City Development.
Nancy Flagg$3,2004Executive Director-Indirect Tax and Employment Tax at Ernst & Young LLP.
Joseph Alexander$3,2003President of The Alexander Company.
Randy Crump$3,16816
Lois O’Keefe$3,10014Lois O’Keefe
Len Sobczak$3,1007Landlord, former police commissioner and publisher of the Wisconsin Gazette

Top Fundraisers

Name Lifetime Contributions Average Contribution
Tom Barrett$937,7592,996$313
Tony Zielinski$316,503615$515
Robert Donovan$205,2291,680$122
Jose G. Perez$123,683880$141
Joe Davis, Sr.$117,391118$995
Ashanti Hamilton$90,186369$244
Robert Bauman$86,835516$168
Russell W. Stamper, II$56,731261$217
Cavalier Johnson$41,494368$113
Khalif Rainey$39,652160$248
Terry Witkowski$35,510281$126
Chris Wiken$31,776214$148
Michael Murphy$29,224212$138
Nik Kovac$26,047188$139
David Crowley$22,219279$80
Milele A. Coggs$19,854184$108
Mark Borkowski$18,11656$323
Chantia Lewis$16,676194$86
Johnny Thomas$14,784110$134
Sherman Morton$13,20564$206
Meagan Holman$13,186153$86
Willie Wade$12,89865$198
Robert Puente$11,68559$198
Vincent Toney$9,63184$115
Josh Zepnick$8,52670$122
Martin Matson$7,56956$135
Justin Bielinski$5,96588$68
Shannan Hayden$5,38129$186
Martin Weddle$5,34771$75
Michael Bonds$4,91621$234
Keith Bailey$4,29623$187
Randy Jones$4,14134$122
Ronny Thompson$3,85026$148
Spencer Coggs$3,7001$3
Andrew J. Shaw$3,43812$287
Monique Kelly$2,5008$313
Grant Langley$2,5003$833
Ira Robins$2,1459$238
David King$1,81914$130
Larresa Taylor$1,80412$150
James Methu$1,71233$52
Sean Muhammad$1,6005$320
Tracey Dent$1,11117$65
Michael Sugden, Jr.$9125$182
Frank Emanuele Jr$5021$502
Majungaray Watts$5001$500
Penny Sikora$45510$46
Tory Lowe$3901$390
Vivan Redd-Fehr$3057$44
Tim Kenney$2055$41
Matt Elder$1185$24
Angel C. Sanchez$1001$100
Aycha Sawa$1001$100
Nikiya Dodd$251$25
Jim Bohl$251$25

Reporting Periods

Name # of Reports Amount Raised
2020 - January Continuing1$2,500
2019 - January Continuing21$169,338
2018 - July Continuing24$266,861
2018 - January Continuing3$158,709
2017 - July Continuing8$170,837
2017 - January Continuing7$34,631
2016 - September Continuing1$10,925
2016 - July Continuing31$246,277
2016 - Pre-Election36$506,776
2016 - Spring Pre-Primary27$91,682
2016 - January Continuing46$519,037
2015 - July Continuing7$126,148
2015 - January Continuing9$62,508

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