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City Business: Purple Door Ice Cream
City Business

Purple Door Ice Cream

A rather delicious story: how an ice cream business was started by a young, green couple.

Goodbye to Historic Milwaukee

Goodbye to Historic Milwaukee

Opgenorth leaves HMI for job with Mandel, but still hopes to help build support for historic buildings.

City Business: Troop Café
City Business

Troop Café

The West Side restaurant’s an oasis in a food desert, and also helps fund a veterans training program.

City Business: Bavette La Boucherie
City Business

Bavette La Boucherie

An old world-styled shop in the Third Ward strives for the charm of French butcher shops.

City Business: Bay View Books and Music
City Business

Bay View Books and Music

In the digital age, this shop still collects the real thing: old books that collectors treasure.

City Business: 6th Annual Fair Trade Crawl
City Business

6th Annual Fair Trade Crawl

Shop at 24 local businesses throughout Milwaukee, the only major U.S. city that’s a “Fair Trade Town.”

City Business: Nehring’s Family Market
City Business

Nehring’s Family Market

Their new place in the Public Market offers fresh produce, wood-fired pizzas and an intimate bar.

City Business: Red Elephant Chocolate
City Business

Red Elephant Chocolate

Just opened in November, the Third Ward shop has already become a favorite for chocolate lovers.

City Business: Mr. Webo’s
City Business

Mr. Webo’s

A “Blue Ribbon” clean dining winner offers Mexican fare in Bay View.

Working: A Home Remodeler’s Journey

A Home Remodeler’s Journey

How to seize the opportunity to build a business.

City Business: A Jazzman’s Cafe
City Business

A Jazzman’s Cafe

A new coffeehouse on Wisconsin Ave. is run by an expert barista and jazz drummer.

Working: A Veteran Who Helps Veterans

A Veteran Who Helps Veterans

The challenges and joys of helping veterans find jobs.

City Business: ReStore East
City Business

ReStore East

You’ll find a wonderful variety of restored and reclaimed items. And the profits help build homes for the needy.

Working: Queen of the Animals

Queen of the Animals

Jessica Huber helps MADACC find volunteers -- and defend it from charges of “murder.”

Working: The Singing Accountant

The Singing Accountant

He’s a numbers guy, not a people person. Yet he sings and dances in his spare time.

Working: “Ambassador” Justin Miller

“Ambassador” Justin Miller

The downtown ambassador helps visitors, prevents crime and answers questions -- but won’t help you get a date.

Working: Tom the Barber

Tom the Barber

Tom Hundt has been cutting hair since 1966, including 90 percent of the city’s military recruits.

Working: Chili Server James

Chili Server James

The Legend of Real Chili serves up hot chow and warm chatter.

Rise of the Urban Ecology Center

Rise of the Urban Ecology Center

How a small non-profit in a trailer in Riverside Park rose to become a major player with centers erected in three county parks.

Working: Deli Waitress Dawn

Deli Waitress Dawn

The joys and sorrows of a “Jill of all Trades.”