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James Wigderson

James Wigderson is a Milwaukee-area conservative blogger. He resides in Waukesha, WI.


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Murphy’s Law: Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy
Murphy’s Law

Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy

His strategy was to “largely ignore” Burke. That may have been a mistake.

Plenty of Horne: Sheriff Clarke’s Bizarre New Radio Ads
Plenty of Horne

Sheriff Clarke’s Bizarre New Radio Ads

They combine campaign ads and a pitch for a private company and appear to be in violation of state laws.

Murphy’s Law: New Probe is Big Trouble for Walker
Murphy’s Law

New Probe is Big Trouble for Walker

Both the first and second John Doe have focused on his campaigns, suggesting a disturbing pattern.

Murphy’s Law: The New Right-Wing Media
Murphy’s Law

The New Right-Wing Media

The state is a national leader in creating new conservative publications.

Murphy’s Law: Why Republicans Are Wrong About Recalls
Murphy’s Law

Why Republicans Are Wrong About Recalls

The bill to restrict recalls is a naked attempt by political officials to protect their jobs.

Plenty of Horne: Evers Vs. Pridemore
Plenty of Horne

Evers Vs. Pridemore

The battle between State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers and challenger Don Pridemore.

Car Culture: Walker’s Freeway Farce
Car Culture

Walker’s Freeway Farce

After blaming Barrett for "delaying" the Zoo Interchange, Walker is now stalling it, while rejecting a gas tax hike to pay for it.

Murphy’s Law: The Rise of Chris Larson
Murphy’s Law

The Rise of Chris Larson

Is he a young liberal heavyweight? Or a punching bag for Republicans?

Murphy’s Law: 25 Winners and Losers
Murphy’s Law

25 Winners and Losers

The list is long (and fun). This was a campaign with real consequences.

Murphy’s Law: Should Chief Flynn Resign?
Murphy’s Law

Should Chief Flynn Resign?

The city is divided over the chief. But is it all his fault?