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Mitchell Building, 207 E. Michign St. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva.
  • Address:
    207 E. Michigan St.
  • Taxkey:
  • Architect:
    Edward Townsend Mix
  • Architectural Style:
    Second Empire
  • Status:
  • Assessed Value (Land):
  • Assessed Value (Improvements):
  • Assessed Value (Total):
  • Assesment Year:
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    42,600 sq-ft

The Mitchell Building is a historic building in downtown Milwaukee. It is one of the anchors of the East Side Commercial Historic District, along with the adjacent Mackie Building (both designed by Edward Townsend Mix).

The building was acquired in January 2011 by Joshua Jeffers. Jeffers undertook a restoration project that was led by Contimuum Architects.

The building is home to the Milwaukee office of Laughlin Constable and the headquarters of Historic Milwaukee, Inc.

From Guides to Historic Milwaukee: Juneautown Walking Tour by Mary Ellen Pagel and Virginia Palmer (1965)…

In 1840 two canny Scots, George Smith and Alexander Mitchell, founded the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company. Although Wisconsin’s territorial legislature expressly prohibited the issuing of black charters, these men succeeded in chartering an insurance company which actually performed much-needed banking functions. It was not until 1852, with the passage of the Free Banking Act, that the firm received official sanction as a bank. In 1875 Mitchell asked Edward Townsend Mix to design new quarters for the organization. Mix chose to employ a bold, flamboyant style made popular in mid-19th-century France and characterized by profuse decorative detail, projecting pavilions, and mansard roofs. By this date Mix had established himself as a leading light on the Milwaukee architectural scene with such buildings as the National Soldiers’ Home, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, St. James Episcopal and Immanuel Presbyterian churches, Mitchell’s residence (now the Wisconsin Club), and the Matthew Keenen house (No. 26). Because the Mitchell Building was among the tallest in Milwaukee in those years, the observatory of the United States Signal Service, predecessor of the U.S. Weather Bureau, was located on the top floor.


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