Building Info

City Lights (Westside Works, Milwaukee Gas Light Co.)
  • Address:
    2122 W. Mt. Vernon Ave.
  • Taxkeys:
    4000972000, 3980906111, 4009995118, 4000971000
  • Architect:
    Alexander Eschweiler
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $5,171,000 (2015)
  • Year Built:

Complex of buildings in the Menomonee River Valley owned by Frank Giuffre. The proposed City Lights Brewing Co. would locate in two buildings in the complex. As of August 2015, tenants include Zimmerman Architectural Studios and the 4 Seasons Skate Park.

The buildings were designed by Alexander Eschweiler. The complex is highly visible from Interstate 94.

The complex was built for the Milwaukee Gas Light Co.

The complex is made up of four parcels and four buildings. The largest building is 41,000 square-feet. The other buildings have sizes of 5,452 sq-ft, 6,250 sq-ft and 17,695 sq-ft (4 Seasons Skate Park building). In addition, two newer warehouses buildings exist on the eastern portion of the land, one that is 5,851 sq-ft (built in 1943) and another at 1,440 sq-ft. A trucking terminal also exists on the site, built in 1969 at a size of 18,410 sq-ft.

The southern portion of the site borders the Menomonee River.



Electrical Permit
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Water Service.
ROW Occupancy Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Sign Permit.
Water Service.
Unfired Pressure Vessel Permit.
Electrical Permit.
Boiler New Permit.
HVAC General Permit.
Water Service.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Water Service.
Building Plumbing Permit.

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