Building Info

Brix Apartment Lofts
  • Address:
    408 W. Florida St.
  • Taxkey:
  • Architect:
    The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $5,140,000 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    189,000 sq-ft

Tim Dixon and Hovde Properties converted the seven-story warehouse into 98 apartments. The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc. is serving as the architect on the project.

The project is located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. The first tenants moved in during June of 2015.


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Commercial Alteration Permit
Water Service
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit
ROW Excavation City Contract
ROW Excavation Utility.
Electrical Permit.
HVAC General Permit.
Sign Permit.
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
Fire Alarm Permit.
HVAC General Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Electrical Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Conditional Building Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.

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