• NEWaukeean of the Week

    Brittany Korth

    Brittany Korth. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "The culture and excitement of Milwaukee, along with the friendliness of Milwaukeeans, are second to none."

  • Legislative Committee Approves Highway Funding

    I-94 Construction.

    “The roads in Illinois are much better,” Republican Sen Alberta Darling charges.

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    John Bauhs

    John Bauhs. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I think that the new Bucks Arena will be a game changer for the city in 2018."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Jessi Young

    Jessi Young. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "My biggest hope for Milwaukee is for less segregation and more equality."

  • State Awards $2.4 Million For Opioid Treatment

    Pills by Tom Varco (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

    Grants were given to select counties and tribes to improve access to treatment.

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Tom Olson

    Tom Olson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center will be a complete game changer to the city in 2018 and for generations to come."

  • 8 Options for Domes Presented

    The Domes. Photo courtesy of the Park People of Milwaukee.

    Public input sought on options offered by task force, but costs of each unknown.

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Amanda Friedrich

    Amanda Friedrich. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I can’t imagine leaving this city because I am so inspired to see the strides we are making..."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Rebecca Schimke

    Rebecca Schimke. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee is booming and it is exciting to be a part of it."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Nick Walls

    Nick Walls. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I love the rich history of Milwaukee and the cultural blend that we have in abundance."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Daisy Good

    Daisy Good. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I would love to see more women joining the tech sector in this city."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Shannon Gavin

    Shannon Gavin. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "There is always so much to do and places to go in Milwaukee"