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  • Address:
    1551 N. Water St.
  • Taxkeys:
    3601881000, 3601822000, 3601821000
  • Status:
  • Assessed Value (Land):
  • Assessed Value (Improvements):
  • Assessed Value (Total):
  • Assesment Year:
  • Year Built:

$22 million, 83-unit first phase of The North End. Developed by The Mandel Group.


ROW Occupancy Permit
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit
Building Plumbing Permit
ROW Occupancy Permit.
ROW Excavation Utility.
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
Plumbing-Fire Protection Permit.
HVAC General Permit.
Low Voltage-New Install
Fire Alarm-Alteration
Fire Suppression r
Distribution Sys(ductwork)
Gas Furnace
Air Conditioning

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Friday Photos: The North End Grows Yet Again
Friday Photos

The North End Grows Yet Again

Phase four of project will have 155 apartments on six floors. But no name as yet.

Friday Photos: North End Redefines Water Street
Friday Photos

North End Redefines Water Street

Third phase of transformational project fills the gap between Downtown and the Lower East Side.

Bike Czar: New County Policy Discourages Biking Events
Bike Czar

New County Policy Discourages Biking Events

Use of parks and Oak Leaf Trail requires two-week notice and $250 non-refundable fee, even for free events. Bike Federation protests policy.

Friday Photos: Construction Underway at The North End
Friday Photos

Construction Underway at The North End

Mandel Group is building the third phase of their "neighborhood by design" -- to plug "the doughnut hole in Downtown."

Mandel Group Acquires 282 Unit Apartment Community in Eagan, Minnesota
Press Release

Mandel Group Acquires 282 Unit Apartment Community in Eagan, Minnesota

Mandel Group, Inc. announced its acquisition of Lemay Lake Apartments.

Bike Czar: New Bike Trails and Ride Rules
Bike Czar

New Bike Trails and Ride Rules

A rundown of new bicycle amenities. And permits are now required for group rides on area trails.

Eyes on Milwaukee: New Apartment Building Planned for Water St.
Eyes on Milwaukee

New Apartment Building Planned for Water St.

The Rhythm would replace dive bar on Water St. and feature studios and one-bedroom units.

Eyes on Milwaukee: We Hate This Boston Store Subsidy!
Eyes on Milwaukee

We Hate This Boston Store Subsidy!

Common Council members all complain about the TIF for Boston Store, then pass it 11-3.

Brisk Lease-up Continues at North End
Press Release

Brisk Lease-up Continues at North End

Property Now Over 70% Leased

Apartment Development is Strong in Milwaukee

Apartment Development is Strong in Milwaukee

Regardless of what neighborhood it is, the development of new apartments is a growing trend in Milwaukee. Currently there are two prominent projects vying for City of Milwaukee financial support in one form or another, the Bookends and The Moderne. Outside of the two proposed towers there are numerous other projects at various stages around urban Milwaukee.

Hard Hat Tour: The North End – ONE
Hard Hat Tour

The North End – ONE was recently taken behind the construction fence for a tour of the first building, ONE, to be complete in Mandel Group's The North End project.

Committtee Approves North End’s Job Training Plan

Committtee Approves North End’s Job Training Plan

Dick Lincoln from the Mandel Group presented resolution 071618 which is the job training program portion of The North End development that receives funding from TIF No. 48. He explained that it would be “a little bit different than traditional workforce development” in that in focuses more on mentoring and coaching of emerging businesses to “take them to the next level.” Specifically, the program will help emerging business develop business and management skills so these firms can enter into larger contracts and participate in The North End project. This resolution was approved by the committee and will go before the full Common Council. Resolution 080209 changed the operating plan and structure of Business Improvement District No. 41 which represents the Downer Avenue business district. The changes would enlarged the board from five to seven members and it would adjust various line items within the proposed operating plan to allow the BID greater flexibility in their future operations. Although this resolution seems inoucous enough it gives the appearance as though these changes are connected to New Lan Enterprises’ controvsional re-development efforts on Downer Avenue. It appears this way because while Alderman Nik Kovac has worked to expand BID No. 41 both Boris Gokhman and Joel Lee have had their appointments to BID No. 41 held in committee. This resolution was approved by the committee and will go before the full Common Council.

The North End Development Enters New Phase

The North End Development Enters New Phase

For most of the past year Mandel Group‘s $185 million The North End development consisted of demolition and remediation. A historic winter, a fire, and significant environmental issues may have slowed progress at the site but signs of actual construction can now be seen. Along the Milwaukee River a portion of a new river wall has been constructed and the process of driving piles for the foundation has started. This first phase of construction will include 83 apartments and 15,000 square feet of retail space. This summer should see this new neighborhood begin to take shape and rise out of a formerly blighted property.

The Word On The Street (12.6.2007)

The Word On The Street (12.6.2007)

From time to time Urban Milwaukee will feature a collection of links we think are worth your time to read. “Neighbors fed up with vandals, lack of patrols” – A story of chaos and vandalism ensuing in a northwestern Milwaukee neighborhood that the police don’t seem to care to fix.  If I lived there I would be scared for my life judging by the stories told and the police departments unwillingness to monitor things. “City ranks at bottom of health categories” – This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to you, but being host to most of the people that experience severe socioeconomic problems in this state means the city’s health ranking will be pretty low.  In other news, keep your pants on. “Experts say ‘most dangerous city’ rankings’ twist numbers” – Clearly, it’s disgusting how they glorify Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, and company as such dangerous places.  Offer a solution, not an insult. “All routes lead to Amtrak Station” – A summary, more or less, of the status of all transit projects in the Milwaukee-area.  If you’re short on time just know that the story ends with Scott Walker killing everything in favor of a weak express bus plan. “Developer completes Park East financing” – Mandel Group Inc. has all the money it needs for the first phase of the North End on the site of the former Pfister & Vogel tannery.  I’m excited to watch the progress of this and enjoy the results.

The Roundup: Chest of Drawers Nets $1,808,000
The Roundup

Chest of Drawers Nets $1,808,000

Exclusive to

The Roundup: Jeff Stone Punk’d?
The Roundup

Jeff Stone Punk’d?

Seems like somebody is messing around with Rep. Jeff Stone's campaign identity.

The Roundup: A Doctorate Denied
The Roundup

A Doctorate Denied

How the FBI Thwarted Marquette’s 1964 Plan to Award an Honorary Doctorate to Martin Luther King.

The Roundup: Belling’s Blunders
The Roundup

Belling’s Blunders

Belling finally issued a non-snide apology for his comments.

The Roundup: Mequon Turns Voter Away
The Roundup

Mequon Turns Voter Away

The City of Mequon told a local man who tried to register and vote at City Hall last week that he was “too late.”

The Roundup: Shepherd Figure to Run Madison Paper
The Roundup

Shepherd Figure to Run Madison Paper

Capital Papers Puts up the Capital

The Roundup: The Last of Kerry as a Free Man?
The Roundup

The Last of Kerry as a Free Man?

Last Monday February 16th – Presidents Day – John Kerry, in Milwaukee, made what might have been one of his final appearances as a “free” man. By Friday, home in Boston, Kerry had asked for and received Secret Service protection. The protection, which will last through the election should he become the nominee, and for his lifetime should he become president, will contrast greatly with the free-and-easy access enjoyed by the crowd of perhaps 400 who gathered to see the Massachusetts senator at the Italian Community Center. The event was billed as a rally and was held the day before the Wisconsin primary. As mentioned here last week, the Kerry campaign printed up thousands of leaflets for the event, hastily writing in “and Ted Kennedy,” by hand when it appeared the other Massachusetts senator would be joining him there. The closest Kennedy came to the ICC, though, was in this lame joke by candidate Kerry: “Massachusetts is a Wampanoag Indian term meaning ‘Land of Many Kennedys,’” Kerry said at the beginning of his remarks. He spoke from a raised platform in the center of the ICC east ballroom. Arrayed on three walls of the room were risers filled with local politicians, and a lot of union workers. The crowd had been placed there about an hour before Kerry’s 7:30 speech, and was kept entertained by a band playing rousing, funky music. Among those on the risers: Senator Jeff Plale, Patti Keating Kahn (Mrs. Hon. Chuck Kahn), Marlene Johnson-Odom, Vel Phillips and Supervisor Willie Johnson. Ald. Ryan Schroeder was also there representing his constituents, back in whatever city he’s from. Tom Barrett worked the room, wearing a neat tie with pink triangles. “You either get it, or you don’t,” he said about his gay cravat. Vince Bobot, then still an opponent, went up and shaked Barrett’s hand, the way politicians do with their rivals. Matt Flynn worked the room, as did County Executive candidate David Riemer. Other notables included Angelo Cataldo, who is still operating his pizza bus, along with Jim and Joanne Klisch, having a look around. No Nuts, Crackpots – Or Secret Service Access to the room was simple: you just showed up and waited for the doors to open, and then waited some more for the candidate. No metal detectors, no guys with sunglasses, no hassle. This will change considerably with the candidate’s secret service protection. The good news: there were no nuts or crackpots in the audience, just democrats. Not everybody in the room was a Kerry supporter. Michael Retzer, the controller of W. G. Strohwig Tool & Die, Inc. came down from Industrial Road, in Richfield, to hand out cards from “Save American Manufacturing,” a “national organization concerned about the loss of all areas of manufacturing and services to non-domestic sources that is causing a rapid decline in the economic condition of the United States.” Business owners are having second thoughts about NAFTA, it seems. He handed out a list of John Kerry’s top contributors, including […]

Murphy’s Law: Why Businesses Are Attacking The State’s Freeway Plan
Murphy’s Law

Why Businesses Are Attacking The State’s Freeway Plan

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's latest freeway project could "virtually suffocate downtown Milwaukee," a letter from the Downtown Business Improvement District complains.

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