Building Info

  • Address:
    135-139 E. Kilbourn Ave.
  • Taxkey:
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $14,835,700 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    214,710 sq-ft

Downtown Milwaukee hotel owned by the Marcus Corp. Part of the Milwaukee Center development.


~~Provide clearance to electrical panels
~~Remove flammable decorations
~~Provide approved fire extinguishers
~~Service fire extinguisher(s)
~~Secure pressurized cylinders
~~Discontinue the use of illegal extension cords
~~Remove obstructions to fire extinguisher view
~~Remove obstructions from fire exits
~~Repair or repl fire door hold open device
~~Swinging fire doors shall close from the full-open position and latch automatically. The door closer shall exert enough force to close and latch the door from any partially open position. Repair or replace defective fire doors. (10TH FLOOR SERVICE DOOR, 9TH FLOOR GUEST ELEVATOR DOUBLE DOORS, 7TH FLOOR SERVICE DOOR, 6TH FLOOR STAIR C DOOR, 6TH FLOOR GUEST ELEVATOR DOUBLE DOORS, 6TH FLOOR SERVICE DOOR, 5TH FLOOR LAUNDRY DOOR, 5TH FLOOR SERVICE DOOR, 5TH FLOOR GUEST ELEVATOR DOUBLE DOORS, 4TH FLOOR C STAIRWAY DOOR, 2ND FLOOR C STAIRWAY DOOR, DOUBLE DOORS TO KIL@@WAT, 2ND FLOOR ELEVATOR EXIT DOOR, & LAUNDRY DOUBLE DOORS) / 214-3 /IFC 703.2.3 /
Fire Suppression r
7542122015/04/03New Service Request
Bed Bug Infestion in Room 706
~~275-32-13-i-2 Correct exterior maintenance violations cited in Facade Critical Examination Report submitted by Excel Engineering dated November 21, 2014 and provide a completion report in duplicate to the Department of Neighborhood Services by a Wisconsin registered professional architect or engineer when the required work has been completed. / 275-32-13-i-2 /
Fire Suppression r
~~WIS REG #19414~~~~ASME A17.1, Rule Perform annual category one test as required by the State of Wisconsin. / 222-01 /SPS 318.1003 /~~WIS REG #19415~~~~ASME A17.1, Rule Perform annual category one test as required by the State of Wisconsin. / 222-01 /SPS 318.1003 /~~WIS REG #19416~~~~ASME A17.1, Rule Perform annual category one test as required by the State of Wisconsin. / 222-01 /SPS 318.1003 /
~~WIS REG #19416~~~~The landlord shall keep in reasonable state of repair portions of the premises over which the landlord maintains control and all equipment under the landlord's control necessary to supply servivces which the landlord has expressly or impliedly agreed to furnish to the tenant, such as heat, water, elevator or air conditioning. (REPAIR ELEVATOR TO FULLY OPERATIONAL AND SAFE WORKING CONDITION.) / 200-20a-1 /
Replace missing electric outlet cover plateProvide clearance to electrical panelsReplace defective cover plate on electrical outletExit signs shall be illuminatedRemove obstruction from hallway(s)Secure pressurized cylindersRemove obstructions to access fire equipmentMaintain minimum clearance between stock & ceilingTest monitored fire alarm system annuallyFire doors must be closed at all timesClean and maintain the following areas in a sanitary manner: behind the Clear serving stations, under the Zen Den furniture, under 2nd floor lobby couch cushions, under the Banquet hallway equipment, Stairway A floor, Kilowatt Service station, On Command room floor, behind the Dryers, under the Housekeeping closet shelves, under the guest room chair cushions & under the 4th floor office couch cushions. / DHS 195.15(1) /Clean all debris from ground at the Dumpster area and maintain this area in a sanitary manner. / DHS 195.10(8) /Fire Drills are required to occur quarterly on each shift for all employees. / IFC 405 /Clean the kitchen ice machine door and maintain this machine in a sanitary manner. / DHS 195.12(2) /Provide approved backflow preventers on hosebibs in Stairwells A & B. / DHS 195.10(4) /Provide liquid soap and dispenser in the Men's employee shower. / DHS 195.10(6) /Provide a sensor release for Employee L ==Truncated==