Food & Drink

King Crabs and Tiki Love

New Vietnamese-Cajun seafood on Brady and new tiki bar in Walker's Point.

Sheridan’s Is a Nice Place to Relax

Pretty good food, nice atmosphere and maybe the ghost of Dan Quayle.

New Restaurant on Brady

Plus: Cermak gives Walker's Point residents access to more groceries.

Botanas Is a Loud Letdown

Loud decor, a loud din, and tasteless, mass-produced food.

More Ramen for Milwaukee

Plus: nitro coffee on three wheels and a PB & J place.

57 Great Places for Patio Dining

The city has never had so many outdoor dining choices.

New Taco, Brat and Sushi Places

And a new martini bar in Walker's Point.

Boo Boo’s Is Partner to Soup Bros.

One serves sandwiches, one serves soup. Results yummy in both cases.

More Berries, Brunch and Beer

New Bay View brunch spot, Walker's Point smoothies bar, Lowlands beers.

A New Zealand Food Truck?

Finally, some Vegemite on toast. Plus: two new East Side restaurants.

Breakfast At Good City Brewing

Great beer, good omelettes, very strange dessert.

More Burgers, More Steak Coming

Plus: East Side gets new coffee house, new bohemian hangout.

Eat All You Want Today

Really, it's okay. Because it's National Eat What You Want Day!

Rice N Roll Is A Great Show

You can watch the chefs at work. The results are pretty tasty.

New Pizza, New Burger Places

MOD Pizza in Shorewood and Oscar’s opens a second burger joint.


High Dive’s Equitable Atmosphere

For decades a mom-and-pop tavern; now a hip hangout.

La Cage Is Center of Pride Parade

But precisely who owns it has gotten murky.

Gibraltar Has International Heritage

Now a jazz club, 1895 building on National Ave. long featured the International House.

Bay View Bowl Will Charm You

Once one of 200 bowling alleys in town, now a lively, artsy survivor.

Bosco’s Is a Baseball Tavern

Riverwest bar once was next to gas station owned by Bob Uecker's father.

The Charm of Caroline’s Jazz Club

There's been a tavern here since 1880s, and jazz for decades.

The Most Beautiful Bar In Town?

Best Place at the Pabst is one of the most enchanting saloons in the nation.

Little Whiskey Bar Has Lots of It

Whiskey, that is. Venerable South Side bar is attached to 1870 mansion.

Jazz Estate’s South Side Chic

Bought by Bryant's owner, who added some of its plush, padded style.

Lee’s Luxury Lounge Has Blessed Beer

Bay View bar is oddly sprawling place with unique history and ritually blessed bar.

Top 10 Tavern Reviews of 2016

Including historic, oddly unique taverns in Bay View, Riverwest and Brady Street areas.

Bremen Cafe’s Roots Go Back to 1895

Building began as bar in 1895 and much is still original in popular Riverwest bar.

My Office, East Town’s Last Dive Bar

The 136-year-old building, the clientele, the atmosphere are all unique.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar is Smoking

City's only cigar bar has fine dining and retro-cocktails, classic architectural artifacts.

Tiny Squirrel Cage Hard to Find

Peculiar old Riverwest tavern has 500 square feet, no tap beers, squirrelly atmosphere.