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Now Serving: New Poke, New Small Plates Places

New Poke, New Small Plates Places

East Side, Third Ward, Walker’s Point, Brady Street all get new restaurants.

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New Poke, New Small Plates Places

East Side, Third Ward, Walker's Point, Brady Street all get new restaurants.

Authentic Italian, Generous Portions

Family owned and still one of the town’s best for true Italian dining.

La Casa de Alberto Is Simply Delicious

Everything is fresh and authentic at this barebones Mexican restaurant.

New Restaurant Comes to The North End

Plus: a taqueria comes to Brady Street and Big Boy returns, for just one night.

La Merenda Is a Taste Treat

You could circle the globe with their wide range of ethnic small plates.

New Honduran and Fried Chicken Places

Plus: A place where adults can be adults -- and nibble on fromage.

DiModa Has Innovative Italian Food

Delicious dishes, attractive atmosphere and dog-friendly.

FreshFin Poké Brings Hawaii Here

East Side restaurants offers sushi-style fresh fish, vegetables and house-made sauces.

New Downtown BBQ, East Side Pizza

Plus: new pastry shop on W. Center St. and new Nomad in Walker's Point.

Twisted Fisherman Has, Ah, Great Atmosphere

Riverside restaurant has great barefoot beach ambience, not-so-good food.

Tacos, Tomatillo, Tortilla Soup

New Mexican restaurant in Bay View, new Mexican food truck in Walker's Point.

New Pizza, New Mexican Restaurants

And a major upgrade for Italian Community Center.

Solly’s Still Has the Best Butter Burgers

They’ve added some tasty heart-healthy meals. But oh, those burgers.

King Crabs and Tiki Love

New Vietnamese-Cajun seafood on Brady and new tiki bar in Walker's Point.

Sheridan’s Is a Nice Place to Relax

Pretty good food, nice atmosphere and maybe the ghost of Dan Quayle.


Nomad’s History Goes Back to 1880s

"Soft-drink parlor" of 1920s now has soccer-themed, international ambience.

The Foundation Goes Back to 1893

Structure has carried neighborhood taps and now Milwaukee's go-to Tiki bar, Foundation.

Romans’ Pub Was Old Speakeasy

Old roadhouse from 1885 had booze and Chicago connections during Prohibition.

Shorewood Tavern Located on Bike Path

American Legion Post has a classic, 1940s bar, just steps from the Oak Leaf Trail.

Camino Has Romance and History

1890 Walker's Point building once housed leather, upholstery and wood working shops.

Hi-Hat’s History Dates to 1870s

Building moved three times; a veritable history of Polish community.

High Dive’s Equitable Atmosphere

For decades a mom-and-pop tavern; now a hip hangout.

La Cage Is Center of Pride Parade

But precisely who owns it has gotten murky.

Gibraltar Has International Heritage

Now a jazz club, 1895 building on National Ave. long featured the International House.

Bay View Bowl Will Charm You

Once one of 200 bowling alleys in town, now a lively, artsy survivor.

Bosco’s Is a Baseball Tavern

Riverwest bar once was next to gas station owned by Bob Uecker's father.

The Charm of Caroline’s Jazz Club

There's been a tavern here since 1880s, and jazz for decades.

The Most Beautiful Bar In Town?

Best Place at the Pabst is one of the most enchanting saloons in the nation.

Little Whiskey Bar Has Lots of It

Whiskey, that is. Venerable South Side bar is attached to 1870 mansion.

Jazz Estate’s South Side Chic

Bought by Bryant's owner, who added some of its plush, padded style.