Food & Drink

Kegel’s Has Authentic German Fare

It rivals the food at Mader’s and Karl Ratzsch’s.

Milwaukee’s 30 Best Pizzas

The pizzerias in town, any one of which will make your day.

Two New Downtown Restaurants

BBQ smokehouse and neapolitan pizzeria coming.

Corazon Truly Has Fresh Local Fare

It’s Mexican food, but with a difference -- and that’s okay.

Sala Is For Sugo Lovers

Sicilian restaurant has great homemade tomato sauce, generous portions, all delicious and fresh.

New Amazon Restaurant Deliveries?

Plus, openings by new Poke restaurant, wine cellar and brewery.

Food At New Pastiche Is Sublime

But the Hotel Metro space lacks the French bistro atmosphere of old place.

East Side Gets Monster Pizza

Plus: New Blue Water Grill in Bronzeville. And Buckley's will expand.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

New place in West Allis, The Farmer’s Wife, serves comfort food from the 1950s.

Shake-Up Of City’s Dining Scene

Cempazuchi, Mimma's, Trocadero, Midwest Diner all closing their doors.

The French Bistro Flair of Le Reve

There’s not one sandwich on the menu I wouldn’t order again.

The Return of Hamburger Mary’s

Moxie's opens in Whitefish Bay. And Downtown loses Bruegger's bagels.

Café Grace Boasts French Bistro Fare

New Tosa cafe has good food, cozy atmosphere.

New Downtown Seafood Restaurant

Plus: another Bay View sushi place and a third Pizza Man, this time in Oak Creek.

The Brewery Opens Food Court

Former bottling house boasts six mini-restaurants. And Sushi Go opens Bay View place.


Jazz Estate’s South Side Chic

Bought by Bryant's owner, who added some of its plush, padded style.

Lee’s Luxury Lounge Has Blessed Beer

Bay View bar is oddly sprawling place with unique history and ritually blessed bar.

Top 10 Tavern Reviews of 2016

Including historic, oddly unique taverns in Bay View, Riverwest and Brady Street areas.

Bremen Cafe’s Roots Go Back to 1895

Building began as bar in 1895 and much is still original in popular Riverwest bar.

My Office, East Town’s Last Dive Bar

The 136-year-old building, the clientele, the atmosphere are all unique.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar is Smoking

City's only cigar bar has fine dining and retro-cocktails, classic architectural artifacts.

Tiny Squirrel Cage Hard to Find

Peculiar old Riverwest tavern has 500 square feet, no tap beers, squirrelly atmosphere.

Malone’s Bar Has a Bay View Style

But it's on Brady St. Which shows how much the two neighborhoods have in common.

Eastsider, Scene of the Crime?

Tiny historic tavern is where police officer drank with patron he allegedly later raped.

Urban Bay View Is Unique

Very urban, newly remodeled, with great views and interesting history.

MobCraft Milwaukee

The world's first completely crowdsourced brewery is another piece of the redevelopment of Walker's Point.

Fish Market’s Outdoor Bar

It's a bar... on the street... with barstools!

Milwaukee Ale House

A Milwaukee staple that was quite the pioneering enterprise when it opened in 1997.

Puddler’s Hall, 144 Years of Union History

It will be celebrating History Channel's "Milwaukee Blacksmith" show on Tuesday.

The Tale of Tony’s Tavern

Once a hotel, it was a classic bar owned by same family for 83 years.