• Neil Haven’s “The Playdaters”

    Neil Haven's new play is a hilarious romantic comedy. Or maybe a hilarious anti-romantic comedy.

  • Greg Ginn at Club Garibaldi

    Lie Bot, what is the saddest thing? 56 year old Greg Ginn playing shitty instrumental jams with a chubby kid in a Pink Floyd shirt. Ouch, Brian.

  • The AFrames’ opening shot in the upcoming Seattle Invasion

    Milwaukee's getting lots of visitors from the Pacific Northwest in the next couple weeks. DJ recaps the AFrames and previews Unnatural Helpers and Helms Alee.

  • Lollapalooza Hangover

    Between the sweltering crowds and Lollapalooza's notoriously muddy sound, it's hard to tell which bands put on a good show. Kevin braved the heat last weekend and offers his picks from Lolla 2010.

  • Reviewed

    Torche at the Borg Ward

    As I pogoed with abandon to "Across the Shields," I thought back to Jeb's Lightning Bolt review and thought, "man, it must have been a lot like this." Nope--apparently, this was hotter.

  • Cuz It’s Hot…

    Reunited: this Sunday's Sextreme Ball brings together Belgian techno/house favorites Lords of Acid and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult at the Rave.

  • Reviewed

    Cap’n Jazz Reunion Show at the Bottom Lounge

    90's legends Cap'n Jazz shared the stage with Gauge last Saturday at Chicago's Bottom Lounge for a sold-out reunion show.

  • Radio Summer Camp continued

    Zola Jesus at Stonefly

    After Saturday's show, Jeb Ebben struggles to find the words to describe Zola Jesus's captivating performance.

  • 2010 Pitchfork in Review

    Humid, cool, anticipatory, inspiring and (at times) boring and cliche, this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago had it all. Kevin Mueller lets us shadow.

  • Transporting via sweatbox

    Band of Horses at the Rave

    On the heels of a hotly anticipated album, Milwaukee fans swelter under the spell of Ben Bridwell and company.

  • The show that almost wasn’t

    Lightning Bolt at Studio Deep End

    Jeb Ebben and 200-some other people somehow managed to find the Lightning Bolt show on Friday. Here's what he had to say about it.

  • Radio Summer Camp Reviewed

    Liars at Turner Hall

    How do Liars, who reinvent themselves with each album, create a cohesive live show? Jeb Ebben investigates.