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Eyes on Milwaukee: Milwaukee’s Biggest Building Breaks Ground
Eyes on Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Biggest Building Breaks Ground

"A beautiful day in Milwaukee" and for assembled power brokers as Northwestern Mutual's new skyscraper gets underway.

Murphy’s Law: Why UWM Matters
Murphy’s Law

Why UWM Matters

It could be the key to transforming Wisconsin’s economy, but state leaders don’t seem to realize it.

Murphy’s Law: Women Need Not Apply
Murphy’s Law

Women Need Not Apply

Led by MGIC, seven of Wisconsin’s top companies are men’s clubs, with no women in the executive suite.

New Milwaukee Transit Plan Unveiled

New Milwaukee Transit Plan Unveiled

Eight drafts, and a couple months later, the new regional transit authority plan for southeastern Wisconsin has been unveiled. Governor Jim Doyle introduced the new bill at a press conference at Bucyrus in South Milwaukee with Bucyrus President and CEO Tim Sullivan, Roundy's CEO and Chairman Bob Mariano, Northwestern Mutual CEO Ed Zore, AT&T Wisconsin President Scott VanderSanden, S.C. Johnson & Son Chairman and CEO J. Fisk Johnson, Johnson Controls Chairman, President and CEO Steve Roell, Greater Milwaukee Committee President Julia Taylor, and Racine Mayor John Dickert.

The Roundup: The Governor and the Empire Builder
The Roundup

The Governor and the Empire Builder

Governor Jim Doyle made a brief appearance at Milwaukee’s Amtrak station Friday, 11 June on the 75th anniversary of the Empire Builder, Amtrak’s service from Chicago to the Northwest coast. Before boarding the train, Doyle mixed the romance of the rails with the Great American Novel. “In the final passage of the Great Gatsby, the […]

The Roundup: The Inaugural
The Roundup

The Inaugural

Marvin Pratt did not stand up with the crowd when Tom Barrett was inaugurated mayor, and the press has made a good deal of the slight. However, just after Judge Louis Butler administered the oath of office to the new mayor, Barrett’s first comments were to commend Pratt, and the former acting mayor did stand […]