Sup. Supreme Moore Omokunde
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Mass Transit in Milwaukee County

"As County Supervisor, one of my top priorities will be securing the vital funding needed to aid the expansion of the streetcar system throughout the county."

By - Mar 5th, 2015 02:39 pm
Milwaukee Streetcar.

Milwaukee Streetcar.

Milwaukee, WI-Over the past weeks, I have spent a great amount of time in the 10th Supervisory District introducing myself and gaining a deeper understanding of the concerns held by my neighbors. One of the most frequent topics of discussion raised, at almost every home I visit, is the new proposed streetcar system for the downtown area of the City of Milwaukee.

With the Common Council moving forward with the development of a new streetcar system, I am encouraged by what this new mode of public transportation can bring to the future of our city.

Cities such as Portland, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Denver, have enjoyed an economic resurgence by embracing streetcars and strategically linking them in a system of multimodal transportation. Data show that property values have increased and multifamily housing developments, small businesses, retail shops and restaurants have flourished along the route of the streetcar.

As a fervent proponent of local development, I applaud the streetcar project and view it as a down payment towards community growth and job creation throughout the city and county.

This streetcar project is a good step towards modernizing our public transportation system, but it is just that, “a step”. I am under no illusions that we still have a long road ahead of us. As the initial plans for the streetcar routes are being formulated, I, too, am concerned by the system’s accessibility being limited to the downtown area.  As County Supervisor, one of my top priorities will be securing the vital funding needed to aid the expansion of the streetcar system throughout the county.

The tenth Supervisory District, whose boundaries abut Marquette University, Fond Du Lac Ave, W. Capitol Drive and N. 27th, Street,  is strategically poised to benefit as a logical extension of the system and enhanced buses and bike paths. Enhancing our transportation capacity beyond the downtown area will help foster greater economic opportunities for those of us in the 10th District.

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7 thoughts on “Mass Transit in Milwaukee County”

  1. AG says:

    A county supervisor securing funds for the city run streetcar? As lovely as that sounds… that isn’t going to fly. Especially not this county board.

  2. Paul says:

    He just wants the costs to be shared by the county instead of being paid only by city taxes. I wonder if he will try to cut the tires on the trolley if republicans use it to go to polling places?

  3. Brisls says:

    Here is the stupidity that goes with this, Paul. There are NO TIRES on a streetcar – IT’S RAIL. It was Gwen Moore’s (a Democrat) son slicing tires not the Republicans. I don’t understand how so many in this city don’t question city leaders on what projects they support at the expense of the taxpayers. Most cities that have installed a streetcar system do not have the ridership to support it and they now give away the rides for free so who do you think pays for it then? Cost to ride in Milwaukee is said to be $1 with $2 more dollars required to subsidize each and every ride. Do the math, it’s a money loosing project long before it’s even implemented.

  4. Kyle says:

    Whoa BrisIs, calm down just a bit. Given that the issuer of this press release is Supreme Moore Omokunde, who happens to be Gwen Moore’s son, it’s probably fair game to make the slashing tires joke.

    As for funding, of course this loses money. So does the bus system. So does the highway system. Should we scrap those money “loosing” projects too?

  5. Dave Reid says:

    @Kyle I’d add that air travel is subsidized as well.

  6. AG says:

    Why limit ourselves to travel? My garbage pickup service is a money losing venture… just as the park system is as well. I say we start charging admission to every park to make sure that the people who are using them are making sure they pay for themselves.

  7. Casey says:

    careful Andy…I know more than a few liberterians that support such ideas going as far as privatizing police and fire protection.

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