Building Info

W. Washington Ave. NLE apartment building rendering
  • Address:
    1029 S. 1st St.
  • Taxkey:
  • Architect:
    Kindness Architecture
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $366,500 (2015)
  • Year Built:

Former parking lot for taxicabs that was converted to a three-building apartment complex by Tim Gokhman with partners Michael Sanfelippo and Jim Wiechmann. The project has 120 units with 100 parking spaces.

Developer Tim Gokhman remarked that he was excited by the Milwaukee Streetcar potentially coming to the site, noting “regarding the streetcar, I was talking about the expansion loop – it literally circles around this project. I know it’s years out, and I’m sure faces obstacles, but the potential itself is exciting. And consistent with our development philosophy of urban density, walkability, and a lesser reliance on cars in general. This project has 100 parking spaces for 120 units, so we’re actually building to our principles.”

The 1-acre plot of land was acquired by Gokhman for $1.4 million in July 2015 from Horner Sod Farm Partnerhip LLP, a firm controlled by Sanfelippo. The land became available for development when the cap on taxicab permits was lifted.

The project is being designed by Kindness Architecture.



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