Rachel Quednau

Rachel Quednau

Rachel Quednau works on homelessness issues in Milwaukee, and blogs about urbanism at the-city-space.com. A recent transplant, Rachel has previously lived in New York City, Washington DC and Minneapolis.

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Intersection: North and Farwell

North and Farwell

It’s already quite vibrant, but changes like turning Prospect and Farwell into two-way streets could improve it.

Intersection: Layton Blvd. and National Ave.

Layton Blvd. and National Ave.

Talk about car-centric. And what a huge parking lot. Yes, it can be improved.

Intersection: Water and Knapp

Water and Knapp

It’s almost an empty wasteland. It can’t get worse, but how much can it improve?

Intersection: Oakland and Locust

Oakland and Locust

It’s one of the city’s most successful corners. But it could still improve.

Intersection: Holton and Center Streets

Holton and Center Streets

Two empty buildings with great potential call out for new owners and activity.

Intersection: Russell and Kinnickinnic Avenues

Russell and Kinnickinnic Avenues

There lots of activity and businesses, but the traffic needs slowing and a roundabout would help.

Intersection: 1st St. and Pittsburgh Ave.

1st St. and Pittsburgh Ave.

It’s a tad shabby now, but could become a wonderful entranceway to Walker’s Point

Intersection: Water St. and Humboldt Ave.

Water St. and Humboldt Ave.

Can the city upgrade and improve its design? First story in a new series.