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Common Council ready for substantive, public review of arena proposal

The downtown arena proposal is nearing a full review and deliberation by the Common Council.

By - Jul 28th, 2015 05:17 pm
Arena Rendering.

Arena Rendering.

With its passage today by the state Assembly, the downtown arena proposal is nearing a full review and deliberation by the Common Council, Common Council President Michael J. Murphy said.

“With the state Assembly passing the downtown arena proposal today, the measure now moves forward to the Governor for his signature,” President Murphy said.

“Once the bill is signed, the city will move forward reviewing its contribution to the arena package, and the full Common Council will ultimately consider the files necessary to move the project forward,” he said. “To help us take a deep dive into the numbers and details, I’ve asked said the City of Milwaukee Comptroller to complete an analysis related to the city’s financing package prior to public hearings that will be held before the Finance and Personnel Committee and the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee.”

“This is a complicated deal that has been drafted and redrafted many times,” said Alderman Nik Kovac, chair of the Council’s Finance and Personnel Committee. “Our committee process will give my colleagues – and the residents of this city – a chance to learn the details and ask tough questions.”

“The main question I want to ask is: ‘What return will we, as taxpayers, be getting on our investment?’” Alderman Kovac said. “If we subsidize this new arena – and thereby increase the asset value of the franchise – shouldn’t we get a prorated portion of that increase in value?”

Alderman Jim Bohl, chair of the Council’s the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee, said public input and participation in the city’s review process is important. “I am looking forward to working with President Murphy and Alderman Kovac and other members of Common Council to ensure that the Council’s process is as accessible and transparent to the residents of this community as possible,” he said.

Arena Renderings

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One thought on “Common Council ready for substantive, public review of arena proposal”

  1. Justin Escher Alpert says:

    Every employee in the arena ought to be earning a real living wage before the billionaire owners of the team make a single cent of profit.

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