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Plenty of Horne: Liberal Group Seeks Talk Radio Voice
Plenty of Horne

Liberal Group Seeks Talk Radio Voice

Claims AM conservative talk radio is "racist" and "hateful." Is liberal talk radio possible?

Back in the News: Chisholm Decision Triggers Controversy

Contribution to Nik Kovac of $100

Back in the News: Chisholm Decision Triggers Controversy
Back in the News

Chisholm Decision Triggers Controversy

DA decides not to charge officer who killed mentally ill man, leaving community divided over issue.

An Olive Branch to Doctor Fortis
Press Release

An Olive Branch to Doctor Fortis

Doctor Louis Fortis graciously offered me an opportunity to answer questions from the audience after Tuesday’s Candidate’s Forum.

If a Progressive will not fight for what is right, how can that Progressive claim to fight for the people?
House Confidential: Vel Phillips’ Newport Co-op
House Confidential

Vel Phillips’ Newport Co-op

The high-rise co-op has "sweeping" views of Lake Michigan and Shepherd publisher Lou Fortis as a fellow resident. What more could you ask for?

House Confidential: Gwen Moore’s Modest Bungalow
House Confidential

Gwen Moore’s Modest Bungalow

The congresswoman's brick veneered, north-side duplex was converted into a less-spartan, single-family home.

House Confidential: Jonathan Jackson’s Very Urban Condo
House Confidential

Jonathan Jackson’s Very Urban Condo

The Milwaukee Film Festival leader lives in a converted, 1890 cream city building with a long history.

The Chatter: Will Allen Goes Viral
The Chatter

Will Allen Goes Viral

From ABC News to Colbert, everybody is celebrating Will Allen.

The Chatter: The Trial of Chris Abele
The Chatter

The Trial of Chris Abele

Sued by Shepherd Express editor Lou Fortis, Abele goes on the stand for allegedly stealing a film festival.

Plenty of Horne: Another Fortis Feud
Plenty of Horne

Another Fortis Feud

The Shepherd Express has lost yet another regular contributor.

The Roundup: Lottery Takes a Gamble
The Roundup

Lottery Takes a Gamble

"We did a study of machines early in the lottery, but there was concern about underage people getting access to the machines."

The Roundup: New Orleans
The Roundup

New Orleans

The Simpsons’ producers apologize to the citizens of New Orleans.

The Roundup: Riemer: “Ready to Run”
The Roundup


This terse note from Riemer almost sounds like a Bill Christofferson soundbite, which means it's a good one.

The Roundup: More OIC – George Connections
The Roundup

More OIC – George Connections

Although the Gary George – OIC-GM connections are well documented, particularly those that have led to the convictions of George, Mark Sostarich and Carl Gee, recently-released audit information and other source documents indicate that perhaps the OIC-George connection needs to be further investigated. Nobody is accusing anybody of wrongdoing, but perhaps investigators should dig a […]

The Roundup: Drink for Free
The Roundup

Drink for Free

One of the joys of electoral politics is that the polls eventually close on election day and then it is up to us to flock to the parties.

The Roundup: Primary Feud
The Roundup

Primary Feud

Kohlenberg & Kennedy Stir it Up

The Roundup: Selig Take A Hit
The Roundup

Selig Take A Hit

Washington Post Trashes Commissioner and Journal Communications. Plus: The Mea Culpa of Charles J. Sykes and Thompson’s Boycott of Miller Park.