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The Spirit of the Drift Bench

The Spirit of the Drift Bench

Now a popular fixture in Mitchell Park, there is quite a story -- and many builders -- behind it.

Swing Park Nominated for MANDI Award

Swing Park Nominated for MANDI Award

And its story -- and controversies- keep getting retold.

Plenty of Horne: Who Will Replace Paul Jakubovich?
Plenty of Horne

Who Will Replace Paul Jakubovich?

Ald. Bauman is pushing for prompt action to replace the longtime historic preservation head, who died last month.

In Public: Why the Swing Park Failed
In Public

Why the Swing Park Failed

It became a comedy of errors, but raises serious questions about the city’s strategy for “creative placemaking.”

Back in the News: “Controversy” Over Swing Park?
Back in the News

“Controversy” Over Swing Park?

Architect blasts city for altering her design. Are her complaints valid?

Business: The Return of Flying Car

The Return of Flying Car

What will be featured at next month’s third annual showcase of technology and innovation.

Plenty of Horne: Grand Opening of Marsupial Bridge Connector
Plenty of Horne

Grand Opening of Marsupial Bridge Connector

Hurrah! Newly-opened Trestle Stair connects Marsupial Bridge to Commerce Street and better knits neighborhoods.

Embrace Brew City’s Beauty

Embrace Brew City’s Beauty

Jim Gaffigan, renowned comedian and native Milwaukeean by marriage, does a routine about how much easier life is for beautiful people. “Think about it,” he says, “If a stranger smiles at you and they’re attractive, you think, ‘Oh, they’re nice,’ but if a stranger’s ugly, you’re like, ‘What do they want? Get away from me, weirdo!’”

John Norquist Milwaukee Tour – Congress for the New Urbanism

John Norquist Milwaukee Tour – Congress for the New Urbanism

One day before the start of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) 19th annual conference in Madison, former Mayor and current CNU President & CEO John Norquist returned to Milwaukee with a number of his former deputies to offer a tour of many of the urban projects started during his tenure as mayor.

The Roundup: Broadband Quote of the Week
The Roundup

Broadband Quote of the Week

"Well, if I was a consumer I would say, "Why in the hell is the United States No. 13 and heading south in broadband deployment?"

The Roundup: In-House Election Commission Good Idea?
The Roundup

In-House Election Commission Good Idea?

It is more of an internal workgroup,” Pat Curley said.

The Roundup: “Groundbreaking” for Bridge
The Roundup

“Groundbreaking” for Bridge

It’s not really a groundbreaking without a shovel, so Cecelia Gilbert of the Department of Public Works brought five well-used, albeit ceremonial, spades to the Thursday 27 May event celebrating the beginning of construction of the Holton Marsupial Bridge. Obliging dignitaries, sensing a photo-op, grabbed the shovels and pantomimed digging them into the asphalt pavement below the Holton Viaduct. The ceremony was scheduled to accommodate Mayor Tom Barrett, who was present at the event before racing off to his daughter’s piano recital. Other guests included Ald. Michael S. D’Amato, Ald. Michael I. McGee, Jr., Supervisors Gerry Broderick and James White, and former State Senator Brian Burke. Julilly Kohler served as master of ceremonies for the event, and she kept her remarks sparing, yet managed to name all of the many individuals who have helped to make her dream a reality. This included “the former congressman from the fifth district,” as Brian Burke called his old elementary school chum, Tom Barrett, who, as Mayor was able to yield the ceremonial shovel on a public works project for the first time. Architects James Dallman and his wife Grace La were also on hand as were Mathew P. Tharaniyil, P.E. and Yakov N. Nenaydykh, another P.E. They are, respectively the president and the vice president of Bloom Consultants, the engineers of the project to span the Holton Viaduct with the suspended “marsupial’ bridge – a bicycle and pedestrian path that will provide grade-level access between the Brady Street neighborhood and the Lakefront Brewery and its surrounding Beer Line “B” neighborhood. Missing from the event was Frank Busalacchi, the Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation or any representative of Lunda Construction, the Black River Falls outfit that won the bid to construct the bridge. Lunda appears to be a publicity-averse organization. The firm has expressed a reservation about having webcams at the construction site, saying they might reveal some “trade secrets” of the mysterious, arcane art of bridge building. Good heavens! It’s a bridge, not a plutonium refinery. Also missing from the event was Whitney Gould, although you wouldn’t have known it from the article she managed to write about it for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the next morning. She reported, correctly, that the Mayor was there, in an otherwise generic story composed of previously reported items. Sonya Jongsma-Knauss and Vince Bushell of the Riverwest Currents were there. The sole representative of the electronic media was Channel 58. Afterwards, the crowd of 100 or so headed up to the Lakefront Brewery Palm Garden where owner Russ Klisch turned on the taps. Earlier that day, a stressed Russ was trying to get his new bottling machine to behave. Even so, it still chewed up a few bottles as it went through its shakedown cruise. Sales manager Paul Moebius said things are going well at the brewery – maybe too well. “We’re running out of beer!” he said. Last year’s sales were 5,000 barrels, and this year the brewery could hit 7,000 barrels. This is better than 2 […]