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Plats and Parcels: How Historic Are Jefferson St. Buildings?
Plats and Parcels

How Historic Are Jefferson St. Buildings?

Ald. Bauman nominates the street's Civil War-era buildings for historic designation.

What’s It Worth?: George Watts Building Worth $1.5 Million
What’s It Worth?

George Watts Building Worth $1.5 Million

And so many memories of genteel china shop visited by folks like the 4th Baron Wedgwood.

Eyes on Milwaukee: Continuum Moves to Watts Building
Eyes on Milwaukee

Continuum Moves to Watts Building

Architecture and planning firm buys classic downtown building, plans to renovate it.

Op Ed: We Like Suburban Segregation
Op Ed

We Like Suburban Segregation

Governments have long enabled metro area's biases.

Now Serving: Goodbye Watts Tea Shop
Now Serving

Goodbye Watts Tea Shop

And say hello to new Spanish and new Mexican restaurants.

Murphy’s Law: David Clarke the Demagogue
Murphy’s Law

David Clarke the Demagogue

A sheriff who once represented law and order has sold his soul to become a media star.

Kesslers Diamonds Opens Downtown

Kesslers Diamonds Opens Downtown

Its mini-store in George Watts building creates a trinity of wedding-related stores.

The Roundup: Lottery Takes a Gamble
The Roundup

Lottery Takes a Gamble

"We did a study of machines early in the lottery, but there was concern about underage people getting access to the machines."

The Roundup: Lautenschlager’s Mess
The Roundup

Lautenschlager’s Mess

Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager’s drunk driving arrest last week removes her from behind the wheel of her state-owned vehicle for a year, and puts Governor Jim Doyle in the driver’s seat. The two had squabbled, privately, over terms of the Governor’s jobs bill, with Lautenschlager threatening to use her authority to see that the law […]