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Plenty of Horne: Landmark Celebrates 90 Years
Plenty of Horne

Landmark Celebrates 90 Years

Celebration by classic bowling alley includes special Lakefront beers.

Bar Exam: Shaker’s Cigar Bar is Smoking
Bar Exam

Shaker’s Cigar Bar is Smoking

City's only cigar bar has fine dining and retro-cocktails, classic architectural artifacts.

Plenty of Horne: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Plenty of Horne

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Sheriff Clarke grabs canine units from House of Correction, endangering safety of staff, only to be forced to return them.

Observe the Wonder of the Moon

Observe the Wonder of the Moon

The Milwaukee Mindfulness Center uses Buddhist methods to help people achieve peace of mind.

The Roundup: On the Fundraiser Trail
The Roundup

On the Fundraiser Trail

David Riemer held a fundraiser and art auction to advance his bid for County Executive. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design was the place, and over a hundred people showed up to look at the art (a Guido Brink retrospective) and to meet with the candidate March 8th. Wine was served, and the food was […]

The Roundup: Lautenschlager’s Mess
The Roundup

Lautenschlager’s Mess

Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager’s drunk driving arrest last week removes her from behind the wheel of her state-owned vehicle for a year, and puts Governor Jim Doyle in the driver’s seat. The two had squabbled, privately, over terms of the Governor’s jobs bill, with Lautenschlager threatening to use her authority to see that the law […]