Press Releases Referencing Wisconsin State Senate

LaTonya Johnson

Sen. LaTonya Johnson’s Juvenile Justice Reform Moves Forward

2017 Senate Bill 35 was overwhelmingly approved by the full Wisconsin State Senate.

LaTonya Johnson

LaTonya Johnson Sworn in as Wisconsin State Senator

Highlights vision for Wisconsin’s 6th Senate District, Announces committee assignments

Wisconsin Fair Elections Project

Plaintiffs call for new maps for Wisconsin legislative district

“The citizens of Wisconsin should have a chance to elect a government which represents us,” said Sachin Chheda, Director of the Fair Election Project

Wisconsin Fair Elections Project

Federal Court overturns unconstitutional gerrymandering of Wisconsin legislative districts

The lawsuit fulfills a call issued by the U.S. Supreme Court in previous cases for a standard to measure how much partisan gerrymandering is allowable.

Scott Fitzgerald

Senator Fitzgerald Reelected Majority Leader

“I am honored to once again be representing this group of outstanding conservative leaders and thrilled to be growing our ranks for the upcoming legislative session.”

One Wisconsin Now

Dan Feyen Looking to Cash In On Support for Tax Break for Millionaires

Author of Tax Loophole That Sends $120,000 Windfall to Millionaires Featured Guest at Feyen Fundraiser

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