• Needy, Truly Needy and the Downright Greedy

    So the feeding frenzy has begun. What do you expect? When the federal government announces that it’s willing to spend as much as a trillion dollars there’s going to be a lot of folks lining up with ways to put that money to good use. You know what I’m reminded of? Remember how, after last […]

  • Masters of the Universe

    The CEOs of the Big Three American automakers are returning to Capitol Hill clearly chastened by the lashing they took two weeks ago. Back then, they apparently expected easy access to a mere fraction of the $700 billion Congress has authorized to rescue the nation’s economy during this financial crisis. One can understand their reasoning. […]

  • A freshman’s time to shine; ERC ghost haunts Barrett

    Pat on the back: After weeks and weeks of hearing that this was Mayor Barrett’s most difficult budget ever – and that fees and taxes had to be raised by a certain amount or fire fighters, police and libraries would be cut – the Common Council found a third and better option. Thanks to frosh […]

  • From sausages and mansion to the mayor’s pajama party

    By Dan Corcoran In a nutshell: Regardless of whether Mayor Barrett’s budget is the one Milwaukee ends up with, cuts are going to happen. And somebody’s going to get hurt. It seems that there’s just not enough money to do everything and the federal “aid” recently delivered to the city to help with its impending […]

  • Committee Requests Federal Government Not Re-certify SEWRPC

    Alderman Bauman lead the efforts to bring forward a resolution that would have the City of Milwaukee request that Milwaukee County withdraw from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission ("SEWRPC").

  • Wisconsin as a battlegound

    Lots of people are assuming that Barack Obama has wrapped up Wisconsin. Certainly the polls suggest that Obama has a safe lead here and the fact that the Republican Party has stopped spending money on television ads here reinforce that impression. But, as we all know, the only poll that matters is the one on […]

  • Imagine a More Just Milwaukee

    Go ahead. Take a few seconds and give it some thought. If you had a magic wand and could do anything you wanted, how would you change Milwaukee to make it a better place to live, work and raise a family? Better schools? More jobs? Improved transit? More statues of fictional characters? We all have […]

  • Behind the Scaffolding

    There’s a lot going on in City Hall right now – not that you’d know from Milwaukee’s broadcast news and daily paper. With increased coverage of suburban issues – Shoplifter at Large in Glendale! – the most important issues of the day for the region’s economic and cultural hub are largely left untouched. That’s why […]

  • One Question

    In the run-up to this historic election cycle, VITAL asked a sampling of your elected officials one question. We deliberately chose politicians at the city, county, state and federal levels, both Republicans and Democrats, in the hope that the responses of five different people who serve their constituencies from different horizons of perspective would offer […]

  • Milwaukee celebrates

    Holy cow, the Brewers are in the playoffs and their fans are ready to par-tey!!! Well, I’m glad. Truthfully, I would have liked the Mets and Brewers to have won yesterday to force a game between the two teams to decide which one moved on. You see, I’ve always been a Mets fan but that’s […]

  • The Scorecard

    John McCain is not having a very good couple of weeks. His campaign has been in free fall ever since last week when he called the fundamentals of our economy strong, He quickly tried to reposition himself on all this economic stuff by insisting he was talking about the American Worker and Small Business owner […]

  • Commission Approves Expansion of BID 21

    In stark contrast to the previous City Plan Commission meeting, this meeting featured no heated debates but it did see the approval of two resolutions aimed at improving downtown Milwaukee. Resolution 080617 proposed the expansion of Business Improvement District (“BID”) 21.  This expansion has been in the works for the past four years and went […]