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Carleton Elementary School. Photo from the City of Milwaukee.
  • Address:
    4116 W. Silver Spring Dr.
  • Taxkeys:
    1710120112, 1710120111
  • Status:
  • Assessed Value (Land):
  • Assessed Value (Improvements):
  • Assessed Value (Total):
  • Assesment Year:
  • Year Built:

Former Carleton Elementary School. Closed since 2005.

Was approved for sale to charter operator Rocketship in 2016, but Rocketship did not close on the sale.

In 2019 a partnership of AndersonWebb and Wisconsin Redevelopment advanced a plan to acquire the property, redevelop the school into 30 apartments, add 30 townhouses to the site and two single-family homes.

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Plats and Parcels: Former Carleton School to Become Housing
Plats and Parcels

Former Carleton School to Become Housing

Plus: Bradley Foundation moving to Hammes Building.

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