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Dennis Kuester

Dennis J. Kuester, former CEO of what was then Marshall & Ilsley Corp.

Dennis is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bradley Foundation.

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Campaign Cash: $1 Million In Donations to City Politicians
Campaign Cash

$1 Million In Donations to City Politicians

Our Political Contributions Tracker hits $1 million, reveals who’s giving and getting cash.

The Little Foundation That Books Built

The Little Foundation That Books Built

The Milwaukee Public Library Foundation raises dollars to support the city library system.

Murphy’s Law: Why UWM Matters

Contribution to Joe Davis, Sr. of $3,000

Murphy’s Law: Why UWM Matters
Murphy’s Law

Why UWM Matters

It could be the key to transforming Wisconsin’s economy, but state leaders don’t seem to realize it.

Murphy’s Law: Women Need Not Apply
Murphy’s Law

Women Need Not Apply

Led by MGIC, seven of Wisconsin’s top companies are men’s clubs, with no women in the executive suite.

The Roundup: Tower De Force
The Roundup

Tower De Force

Mandel’s Groundbreaking High Rise

The Roundup: How Did Peggy Know?
The Roundup

How Did Peggy Know?

Over Cocktails in 2001, then-A.G. Candidate Peg Lautenschlager Said Rival would be Indicted

The Roundup: Lautenschlager’s Mess
The Roundup

Lautenschlager’s Mess

Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager’s drunk driving arrest last week removes her from behind the wheel of her state-owned vehicle for a year, and puts Governor Jim Doyle in the driver’s seat. The two had squabbled, privately, over terms of the Governor’s jobs bill, with Lautenschlager threatening to use her authority to see that the law […]