Press Releases Referencing Milwaukee County

Peggy Romo West

Supervisor Romo West Applauds County Executive’s Efforts to End “Chronic Homelessness”

But She Says Abele Has Done Little or Nothing to Help “Situational Homelessness”

John Weishan

Supervisor John Weishan, Jr. Calls Out County Executive on “Personal Vendetta” Against Sheriff Clarke

Weishan Calls for County Board to Override Abele’s Veto of Funding Restoration to Sheriff’s Department

Public Policy Forum

Relatively calm County budget exemplifies signs of fiscal progress

But two key measures to resolve budget gap could impede march toward sustainability

Khalif Rainey

Supervisors Rainey and Weddle Outraged by County Executive’s Comments at Budget Address

They Say Chris Abele Lacks Sensitivity on Issues Affecting African Americans

Chris Abele

Opening of Two New Memory Cafés Continues Progress Towards a Dementia Friendly Milwaukee County

Memory Cafés improve the quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.

Theodore Lipscomb

Executive Mismanagement and Poor Arena Negotiations Led to Larger Budget Gap

Chairman Lipscomb Responds to Five-Year Financial Forecast

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