Back in the News

Michigan May Get Talgo Trains

Trains still in storage in Milwaukee could go to high speed line in Michigan -- if the Talgo lawsuit against Wisconsin is ever settled.


Yesterday's Milwaukee

Menomonee Valley Rail Industry

By the early 1880s, railroads and the rail industry were well-established in the valley. Part 2 of a series.

Menomonee Valley, Early 1880s

Developed well after the Milwaukee River, the Menomonee was still a good place to walk through nature.


Bike Czar

Governor Signs Vulnerable User Bill

Bill to protect bikers and pedestrians and a separate bill allowing biking on state trails after 11 p.m. were both passed by legislature.

Watered-Down Bill Protecting Bicyclists Passes

Tougher bill to protect bicyclists and pedestrians had broad bipartisan support but a few Republicans prevented passage.


Photo Galleries

Digging Up Our History

Construction of Frederick Lofts has unearthed tunnels used by Pabst Brewery to keep its beer cold.

UWM’s New $80 Million Project

Our photos capture progress on constructing the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex.


The State of Politics

Casualties of War

The war over Act 10 may be a key reason 46% of legislators have left or will leave in just over two years.

Why the Huge Support for Shot Spotters?

Legislature votes 132-1 to expand Milwaukee program monitoring gunshots.


Plenty of Horne

The City’s New “Social Network for Neighbors”

National social networking platform hopes to connect every neighborhood in town.

Smith Bros Iconic Fisherman Returns

Landmark advertising sign that long dominated Port Washington harbor now installed at Third Ward's Public Market.


In Public

Why the Art Museum Addition Must Not Be Built

This could be the biggest architectural mistake Milwaukee has ever made.

The Resistible Rise of Public Art

More and more of it is scattered about the city. But how much of it does anyone actually like? 



Matt Wild

"I’d like to see Milwaukee finally acting like the big-time city it constantly claims to be."

Emily Vitrano

"I didn’t always see Milwaukee as a viable place to create an artistic home. But it is possible here."


Hard Hat Tour

North Avenue Boomtown

Three different projects will together remake E. North Avenue. Our photos capture the progress.


Bruce Murphy

Why the Milwaukee Art Museum Changed Its Design

Museum staff wanted more gallery space, even if it meant ruining Jim Shields design for the new addition.

The Extraordinary Fiscal Liberalism of David Clarke

It’s difficult to find anyone who increases his budget faster than Sheriff Clarke.


Eyes on Milwaukee

7 Can’t Miss YP Week Events

Young Professional Week features some 30 events. Here's our pick of the top seven.

A Night At the MANDIs

The once-tiny awards show is now a prestige event that packed the Pfister ballroom while another crowd watched the show streamed.


House Confidential

Russell Stamper’s Century-Old Sherman Blvd. Home

The ever-busy county supervisor and aldermanic candidate also handles rental evictions on the side.

The Infamous After-Hours Party House

How a small,1928 bungalow became a kind of tavern without a license, and a noisy nuisance to neighbors.


Neighborhood News

Community Opposes North Side Tavern

“We’ve battled this tavern, this location, for years,” says Harambee neighborhood activist and city agrees, denying application.

Urban Gardens Leader Overcomes Fire

Repair of Walnut Way community center is underway and programs are continuing.



Decline of the Dairy State

Walker’s policies may help depopulate farms. How will cities be affected?

Go Tropical at Lucky Joe’s Tiki Room

The city’s second tiki bar was inspired by one in Las Vegas.


Bill Lueders

Say Goodbye to the Party of Lincoln

State Sen. Dale Schultz retires, shaking his head at how the Republican Party has changed.

Big Money Backfires in Local Elections

Attempts by Koch Brothers and other outsiders to outspend locals and elect friendly parties doesn't work.



Why America’s Roads Are More Dangerous

U.S. and Wisconsin have seen less decline in traffic fatalities than other countries. Why?

More Transit Funding Needed, Fitch Ratings Warns

Economy could suffer if governments don't recognize decline in driving and other trends that favor transit.


Car Culture

It’s PARK(ing) Day, Let the Celebration Begin

Parking spots will be transformed into public space -- with entertainers performing -- as part of international event today.

Why WisDOT Is Behind the Times

Auto traffic per capita has declined since 2004, other states now spend less on highways, but Wisconsin wants to keep expanding.