Will Uber Bring Cheaper Rides?

As ride sharing service slashes rates, Milwaukee Common Council mulls changes in rules.


The Mysterious Oracle at the Soldiers Home Fair

The 15-day festival held in 1865 offered all the wonders and curiosities of the day.

Soldiers Home Raffle, 1865

All kinds of donated goods were contributed and sold to provide aid for Wisconsin's returning veterans.


Expanded Bike Trails Coming

Bay View will be connected to Downtown and Oak Leaf trail will extend from Estabrook Park all the way to Ozaukee Interurban Trail!

2014 One of Safest Years

Bicycle crashes are down 23% compared to the first six months of 2013. Why?


MIAD’s New Apartment Building

Years in the making and 6 stories high, it's nearly complete. Students will move in this fall.

Opening Night of NEWaukee’s Night Market

Art, music, community and… shopping. Yes, it was all happening at the Night Market.


Gimbel Gets Reappointed to Wisconsin Center Board

Will continue after 3 decades as board chair! Did mayor and governor swap appointments to make this happen?

New York Discovers Our Sinking City

City Hall, Milwaukee Rep and Mitchell buildings are sinking. Is Deep Tunnel the culprit? The Times is not sure.


Paving the Lakefront with Concrete

WisDOT deal with city will create a 10-lane roadway along the lake.

The Hotel That Isn’t There

The downtown Marriott made so many compromises in design there's barely any left.


Derrick Johnson

"I recently visited San Francisco and Oakland and would love to see Milwaukee integrate technology into its infrastructure."

Lex Allen

"I like going to brunch in the Third Ward. You can practically taste the creativity in the air."


The Standard at East Library

Our photos take you inside the new library and apartment building on North Ave.

Marquette’s New IVY on Fourteenth

Photographic tour of building nearing completion that will boast 80 apartments and street-level retail.


A Common Dream for Metro Milwaukee

Support for a new NBA arena can and should unite us as fellow Milwaukeeans.

Build NBA Arena Next to Potawatomi Casino

City could create TIF district in valley on little-used land, state assemblyman proposes.


The Sheer Ambition of Marina Dimitrijevic

She’s running for assembly but wanted to continue as county supervisor and collect two full-time salaries.

Does Milwaukee Have Too Many Non-Profits?

Yes, says new report. But there’s reason to doubt its conclusions.


New Apartment Building Planned for Water St.

The Rhythm would replace dive bar on Water St. and feature studios and one-bedroom units.

Uber and Lyft Legalized in Milwaukee

Taxis for anyone who wants to drive one. Uber and Lyft are legal. And someone will probably sue the city to stop this.


The Radler Rosarium

Bill Radler, millionaire creator of the world-famous "Knock-Out" rose, has a rather modest home and an immodest number of rose plants and species on its lovely grounds.

Rembert Weakland’s Blandly Secular Apartment

Rejected in his attempts to live among fellow monks, Weakland resides anonymously in a south side seniors complex.


Creating Affordable Housing on The North Side

Developers with Utopia 136 are transforming homes in Harambee neighborhood.

20 Years of Helping New Homeowners

City program created in 1994 has helped 470 low income families, most living in public housing, purchase a home.


Milwaukee Kayak Company

With its rental kayaks and canoes, you can easily explore all three rivers.

Boswell Book Company

While other book stores have closed, Boswell is a success. Why?


The Sheer Ambition of Marina Dimitrijevic

She’s running for assembly but wanted to continue as county supervisor and collect two full-time salaries.

Will Walker Face a Budget Deficit?

Drop in tax collections could cause shortfall -- and a campaign issue for Burke.


Protesters Oppose Double-Decker Freeway

State wants either a double decker or 8-lane freeway through heart of city. Protestors demand different approach.

Why the Zoo Interchange Project Should Be Stopped

It will cost more than entire federal budget for biking and pedestrian projects.


It’s PARK(ing) Day, Let the Celebration Begin

Parking spots will be transformed into public space -- with entertainers performing -- as part of international event today.

Why WisDOT Is Behind the Times

Auto traffic per capita has declined since 2004, other states now spend less on highways, but Wisconsin wants to keep expanding.