The “Molotov Cocktail” That Wasn’t

The “Molotov Cocktail” That Wasn’t

MPD admits the 6th and McKinley weapon was just a plastic water bottle.

City Hall: Police Chief, Alderman Fight Over Use of Canines
City Hall

Police Chief, Alderman Fight Over Use of Canines

Chief says it's an infrequently used safety tactic, Rainey say it's "barbaric."

Will BLM Movement Sway State Voters?

Will BLM Movement Sway State Voters?

Both parties hope it will play to their advantage.

City Hall: Community Groups Propose Changes
City Hall

Community Groups Propose Changes

Twelve groups invited to speak and push less spending on police and more on lead abatement, other programs.

Global George P. Floyd Jr. Day October 14th: #Cardboardlovepaint #withus as Milwaukee Celebrates George Floyd Day
Tosa Police Arrest Cole Family At Protest

Tosa Police Arrest Cole Family At Protest

Tracy Cole, Alvin Cole's mother, was sent to the hospital for injuries from her arrest.

MPD requests that all individuals who choose to express their First Amendment right to assemble do so peacefully
Rep. Robyn Vining Responds to Milwaukee County DA Decision

10/07/20 at 10:59 pm: March Continues, With New Chant

10/07/20 at 10:34 pm: March Continues Near 100th and Capitol

10/07/20 at 10:24 pm: Large National Guard Contingent Near 92nd and Burleigh

10/07/20 at 10:20 pm: Sup. Rolland Calls for Tosa to Come Together and Clean Up

10/07/20 at 10:14 pm: Police Headed North, Protesters Still on the Streets?

10/07/20 at 9:50 pm: Quiet at Tosa City Hall

10/07/20 at 9:40 pm: Damage to Colectivo

10/07/20 at 9:34 pm: Protesters Largely Dispersed, Gas Lingers in Air

10/07/20 at 9:17 pm: Water Bottles Thrown, Police Dispense Smoke/Gas

10/07/20 at 9:12 pm: Police Block Path to Mayfair

10/07/20 at 9:05 pm: Window Broken at Anytime Fitness

10/07/20 at 8:47 pm: Protesters March Past Wauwatosa City Hall

10/07/20 at 8:42 pm: Wauwatosa Police Declare an Unlawful Assembly

10/07/20 at 8:37 pm: Protesters and Police 100 Yards Apart

10/07/20 at 8:14 pm: Businesses Boarded up in Wauwatosa

10/07/20 at 8:05 pm: March Moving Into Wauwatosa

10/07/20 at 7:52 pm: Protesters Marching South on 61st Street

10/07/20 at 7:31 pm: Protesters Reach 50th and Center

10/07/20 at 7:10 pm: ACLU Monitors Tonight’s Protest

10/07/20 at 6:52 pm: Marchers Going Towards Center Street

10/07/20 at 6:08 pm: After Arrest, Protester Gives Interview

10/07/20 at 5:57 pm: Protesters Enter I-94