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Statement of Supervisor Tony Staskunas Regarding Review Panel’s Rejection of Transit RFP

Milwaukee County Supervisor Tony Staskunas, Vice Chair of the Administrative Determination Review Committee, Issued the Following Statement on the Committee's Rejection of a Transit RFP

By - Feb 21st, 2014 02:53 pm

“With the assistance and guidance of Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel, the Administrative Determination Review Committee deliberated carefully, hearing all sides of the argument. The Committee met for many hours and considered legal briefs submitted by all of the parties. As required by Wisconsin state law the committee gave a presumption of validity to the RFP process.

“However, after considering all evidence, the committee reached the conclusion that the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation used a flawed process that was so arbitrary and unreasonable that the entire RFP process needed to be rejected.

“MCDOT is under the direct day-to-day supervision of the County Executive, and the identified problems with the process (which the Committee found so flawed that it would be arbitrary and unreasonable to award a contract under the RFP) lie with him.

“At no time has the County Executive ever submitted the contract for MV Transportation to the County Board.

“The Administrative Determination Review Committee reviewed the RFP process used by MCDOT; it did not consider a contract to select a vendor for transit services.

“I look forward to the County Executive and MCDOT correcting the structural flaws in the RFP and conducting a lawful RFP process so that the Milwaukee County Board can consider a transit service contract that will provide great service and great value to the citizens of Milwaukee County.”

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One thought on “Statement of Supervisor Tony Staskunas Regarding Review Panel’s Rejection of Transit RFP”

  1. Beer Baron says:

    It’s sad to see how this has been going. MTS needs to go. They have zero ambition to fix the system or improve service. They have contempt for their customers and really don’t seem to treat their drivers with a lot of respect.

    That being said, the process does seemed flawed and could happen again. As long as MTS is booted it’s a win. MV and Veolia are both better choices. May the best bidder win. And let it be about more than cost. I want a 10 year commitment from each of them on how they will promise to improve the system.

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