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Solving Our Parking Problem

Man with the Plan Running for Alderman

By - Jan 18th, 2016 10:44 am
Race fans sit atop the Downer Avenue Parking Garage. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Race fans sit atop the Downer Avenue Parking Garage. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—Ira Robins, candidate for Alderman for District Three, unveiled his plan to solve the notorious Milwaukee parking problem today.

Robins notes, “Students and other residents are getting soaked by over-aggressive parking enforcers who are encouraged to issue parking tickets as a City fundraising vehicle, and there are not enough parking spaces. Working-class folks and students suffer the most.”

Ira Robins’ Plan on Parking

“As a start, I propose creating multi-level parking structures where there are now ground-level lots:

  • Downer Street across from the Downer Theater
  • 2200 N. Prospect Avenue
  • Webster Street off of Brady Street
  • And especially all around UWM

and that’s just the beginning, there are other locations too.” said Robins.

Notes Robins: “Under this approach, the Third District would gain at least 1,200 parking places and still maintain the present revenue stream. That would reduce parking congestion, with the added benefit of area property values increasing. Enough of people driving round-and-round to find a parking place, or UWM students leaving classes every two hours to feed the meters — and then there’s those damn parking tickets.”

Robins concludes, “In order for new construction projects such as large buildings or hotels to be approved by the Council, they would be required to provide sufficient parking for their tenants, and include a percentage of additional parking spaces for lease to neighboring residents.”

Investing in New Parking

“So, how do we pay for this? Consider that the Common Council found money to pay for the arena and the new street car. We can sell bonds (or hold a bake sale.) In the long run these parking structures will pay for themselves and create a positive revenue flow,” said Robins. “Enough! This continuing parking nightmare has only reduced our quality of life, and is awful municipal policy.”

Ira Robins says his goal is to reduce parking enforcement to a reasonable level and still maintain compliance with parking ordinances. “That’s the main reason why I’m running.”

Robins points out the “City writes too many parking tickets; 773,000 tickets last year out of a population of 599,164.” (U.S. Census, 2010)

I have been asked to run for alderman because the Milwaukee Common Council has let us down.

Ira Robins has over fifty-one years of investigative experience, which includes fourteen years as a Wisconsin police officer, seventeen as a private investigator and more than twenty years as an investigative consultant. He has a deep knowledge of community and government.

Ira Robins for Alderman

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25 thoughts on “Solving Our Parking Problem”

  1. CJ says:

    Downer Street across from the Downer Theater? Hmmmm, has he been over there?

  2. Dave Reid says:

    @CJ Yup, thought was odd too

  3. Jerad says:

    Is this guy ^#$&^#@% high?!

    There’s already a parking structure across Downer from the theatre. 2200 N. Prospect is being developed into a n apartment building, and there is no Webster St. off of Brady St.

    Perhaps he meant Warren? Jesus, know your district.

  4. Chris says:

    Funny. So the aldermanic candidate that does not live in the City perceives there to be a parking issue. And his solution is to build really expensive structured parking (apparently on top of existing structured parking).

    I wonder if his weight loss strategy involves buying larger pants?

  5. Chris says:

    “Ira Robins has over fifty-one years of investigative experience…” – With apparently zero years spent investigating the very district he hopes to move to, and someday lead.

  6. Mr. M says:

    Great Work. I like the idea. The Structure across from the theatre is a dollar per hour with no long term available. A MUCH NEEDED FIX in the area.

  7. Vincent Hanna says:

    Oh this guy again. He’s fun. Will probably start responding to people here soon.

    The main reason to run is parking? Really? It’s the most pressing issue in the city right now? Sounds like Ira has some serious first-world problems.

  8. Dave says:

    “notorious Milwaukee parking problem”

    Milwaukee has some notorious problems. Dumbasses running for public office might be one. Parking is not.

  9. Christopher Hillard says:

    I think he meant the surface parking lot on Webster near the Downer Theatre behind Boswell’s. I imagine he mixed up Webster and Warren, and I’m guessing on Warren he’s referring to that vacant warehouse/industrial building south of Arlington Court (although that is more on Arlington or Franklin, but whatever)? That’s my best guess, but yikes, give press releases a quick review before releasing them.

  10. Dylan says:

    That press release gave me a good laugh. Each of those listed locations are a joke. And that Prospect Ave location? Does he plan on buying out the gas station because a new apartment development will be built on the adjacent lot/Qdoba parcel. If you plan to move to or visit the densely populated east side, it should come as no shock one may have to pay attention to parking signs and spend a bit more time finding a parking spot. This guy sounds like he knows nothing about the area.

  11. JD says:

    Mr. Robins seems to be speaking from a position of lack of knowledge of parking economics. He needs to read Donald Shoup’s book, “The Hight Cost of Free Parking.” The problem with Milwaukee is that it gives out parking spaces, in many cases, for absolutely free. Given this, anyone who has taken economics 101 should realize that the demand for a scarce good at a $0 price is tremendous and insatiable. Simply put, Mr. Robins seems to have not been doing any investigating of the issue on which he is speaking. His ignorance even of the value of urban neighborhoods is lacking. I would pity all citizens who would be subject to his poor judgement if he were a city leader.

    Milwaukee does NOT have a “notorious” parking problem, but a “notorious” problem of ignorance when it comes to parking economics. Using a model of charging fair-market prices everywhere this a great demand for parking would solve the issue IMMEDIATELY without the need for spending massive amounts of money on parking structures.

  12. Ira B Robins says:

    I would like to thank all of Nic Kovac’s friends for reading and responding to Urban Milwaukee. Warm regards.

  13. ira Robins says:

    For those who called me out about Warren Street instead of Webster Street you are absolutely correct. But if you think there isn’t a parking problem in District 3 you must be sleeping. And the Common Council approves more building projects without enough parking spaces. I respond to all Emails and telephonre calls. Does the incumbent?

  14. Ira Robins says:

    I would like to thank those who have read and commented on my plan. Some of those comments have been well received and have provided me with valuable information. On the other hand, others have been malicious and downright nasty. While I welcome your participation and honest opinions, I believe that we can remain civil and refrain from name-calling while we work our way through the political process.

    Thank you.

  15. Frank Galvan says:


  16. Vincent Hanna says:

    So does being civil mean not accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being in the tank for Kovac? Because that doesn’t seem very civil. I for one have never even met him.

  17. Ryan N says:

    I’m still curious as to where all that “damming evidence” against Kovac that he was going to release “very shortly” two months ago that was going to have the FBI involved is. I doubt it exists.

    Also, I’ve never met Kovac, disagreed with him a lot on the Bucks. Still think he’s going to wipe the floor this election cycle. Really easy when your opponent is a carpet bagger moving in from Waukesha and trying to tell locals how he knows their problems better than they do.

  18. Eric S says:

    @JD, could not agree more with your assessment – the problem is that street parking is severely underpriced in many areas (and perhaps overpriced in a few as well, but not the East Side).

    Requiring all developments to include parking, over and above whatever the market would provide, both raises the costs of those developments (thereby raising the cost of housing or office/retail space, etc) and encourages more driving than would otherwise occur.

  19. Vincent Hanna says:

    Dear Ira. You wrote this in early November. Any updates?

    “I am in the process of writing an affidavit of complaint to the US Attorney and FBI in Washington, DC seeking federal intervention. The evidence is abundant.”

  20. ira Robins says:

    Hi VH, Thank you for your request. I am in the process of writing the Affidavit of Complaint. I have collected a substantial amount of exhibits, video and audio recordings, and many, many, reports and documents. I am not quite finished. I also must work in behalf of the wrongfully convicted (I am VP of and a co-partner in Archangels of Justice (Exposing corruption within government) and I am running for Alderman of the 3rd Milwaukee District. I will disclose my complaint as soon as it is completed and my attorneys have reviewed it. Regards

  21. Vincent Hanna says:

    Must be quite an undertaking if it is taking this long. I look forward to reading it. Does it end with Kovac behind bars?

  22. ira Robins says:

    VM, I don’t think that information would be appropriate to release at this time. Regards.

  23. Tim says:

    Of course you don’t ira. Why not try running in a local election in Waukesha, those rubes might be gullible enough to buy what you’re selling.

  24. Laurel Turner says:

    So your entire solution to the problem is building more parking structures? While I do agree that street level lots are a waste of space, why would you not even mention the role public transit improvement could play in decreasing congestion? If we can magically find money to build parking structures, why can’t we find dedicated funding for public transit?

  25. Jerad says:

    Ah yes, exactly what I’d like from my elected representatives. Accusations and name calling as soon as someone doesn’t agree with your viewpoint. Get bent, Ira.

    You truly have no working knowledge of the East Side of Milwaukee, it’s needs, it’s residents, or even a sliver of what proper, intelligent urban planning entails. Why don’t you just concentrate on your little legal inquisition you’ve got going. Finish it quick! I could use another laugh.

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