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Rare Beer Release on March 3rd

Kaffeehaus is a special collaboration with Kickapoo Coffee.

By - Feb 26th, 2018 09:16 am

Gathering Place Brewing Company will release Kaffeehaus, a coffee Kolsch, on Saturday, March 3rd at noon.

Kaffeehaus is a special collaboration with Kickapoo Coffee and pairs the mainstay Treffpunkt Kolsch with a crisp, clean naturally processed coffee (Burundi Nemba). Kaffeehaus is an extremely limited release with only one half-barrel keg produced.

Kickapoo’s Lab and Sourcing guru, Alex, explains a coffee such as the Burundi “needs room to breathe, not overwhelming it with too much malt/hop flavors.” Adding it to the Treffpunkt allows the Burundi to shine with the beer taking an important complementary role.

“We’ve had a lot of fun working with Kickapoo to develop amazing beers that push the boundaries of what a ‘coffee beer’ can be,” said Gathering Place founder Joe Yeado. “Many people think of coffee in stouts and porters, but using a Kolsch provides a unique flavor experience which allows the Burundi Nemba to really shine.”

Kaffeehaus is the second Gathering Place beer to feature Kickapoo coffee. Murdered by Crows coffee rye stout, released in December, uses Colombian Fondo Paez coffee which imparts cherry and hibiscus notes. Both beers will be available for tasting while supply lasts.

Gathering Place Brewing Company is an independent brewery in the Riverwest neighborhood dedicated to crafting vibrant and unique beers that reflect the vibrant and unique community it calls home.

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