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Public-To-Public Partnership Between Milwaukee Art Museum and County on O’Donnell Park is “Moving Forward”

Report to Parks Committee Shows MAM Taking Critical Steps Forward on O’Donnell Park

By - Jul 21st, 2015 09:58 am
O'Donnell Parking Garage

O’Donnell Parking Garage

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Sup. Gerry Broderick, Chairman of the Parks, Energy and Environment Committee, said today they were encouraged by testimony from Milwaukee Art Museum officials about the opportunity for MAM to partner with the county on O’Donnell Park in a public-to-public partnership that would benefit the public and the Art Museum.

“This public-to-public partnership is an idea that greatly benefits the public and that Milwaukee Art Museum, Dimitrijevic said. “I am highly encouraged by the testimony of MAM officials regarding their continued interest and the feasibility of an agreement. The residents of Milwaukee County want to see this proposal move forward to preserve valuable open park space while proposing the kind of visual enhancements that only the MAM can offer.”

Broderick said that linking the Art Museum and the park was a matter of common sense.

“Many people who visit the Milwaukee Art Museum park at the O’Donnell Park garage,” Broderick said. “One can only imagine how the park would look with the vision of the Art Museum fully engaged in creating a beautiful new public space. The park could truly become the gateway to Milwaukee’s lakefront.”

Dimitrijevic said creating a public-to-public partnership would guarantee the public will have access to O’Donnell Park’s open space for years to come.

“This proposed agreement would bring real value to the community by enhancing open space and creating new beauty in the park. I am encouraged by the progress made so far. This is a bold and necessary conversation on the lakefront’s future, and these talks are moving forward. Because the Milwaukee Art Museum is our community partner, we look forward to creating a public-to-public partnership that creates a spectacular new vista that will access to enhance the lakefront for decades.”

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, District 4 Supervisor Gerry Broderick, District 3

O’Donnell Park

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