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Alderman Zielinski calls for city employees to undergo sexual harassment training

"Everyone deserves a respectful and safe workplace."

By - Nov 30th, 2017 04:09 pm

Alderman Tony Zielinski is introducing a resolution that would direct the Director of the Department of Employee Relations to create a policy to put city employees through sexual harassment training.

After many national reports of sexual harassment and assault, Ald. Zielinski says he wants to ensure that city employees are trained on appropriate conduct in the workplace.

Ald. Zielinski says, “Everyone deserves a respectful and safe workplace. This is a common sense resolution that will ensure our high standards are reflected with each employee’s behavior.”

The draft will follow national standards. The proposal is expected to be heard by the Finance and Personnel Committee on December 13.

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2 thoughts on “Alderman Zielinski calls for city employees to undergo sexual harassment training”

  1. kLM747 says:

    Perhaps all candidates running for the next mayor of Milwaukee should undergo a lie detector test. I would love to see the test results for honest Tony Z.

  2. mkwagner says:

    Training is always the easy band-aid to problems that go much deeper. Training cannot stop a manager or alderman who is intent on asserting his power from harassing direct reports. Passing a resolution is simply a campaign ploy. Until employers including city hall look at how the culture and power structure embolden harassers, no amount of training will solve the problem.

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