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Ald. Puente Responds to Ald. Dudzik’s Comments

Statement from Alderman Robert W. Puente January 26, 2015

By - Jan 26th, 2015 11:59 am

The joint statement issued Friday (January 23) by 12 of my Common Council colleagues regarding the comments made by Alderman Joe Dudzik (on a radio program last Thursday — January 22) was on the mark and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

The statement was drafted and released in a very short time window, and at the time I was not able to obtain a transcript of what Alderman Dudzik said (so that I could see exactly what he said). In addition, I was also not able to obtain a draft of the joint statement to review.

After reading the transcript of comments Alderman Dudzik made on the radio program, I am especially offended by the reference he made to Northridge Mall, and I share the strong belief that the alderman’s comments were divisive, hurtful and just plain wrong.

I will be working with my colleagues to ensure that our focus is fixed squarely on the merits of the streetcar, and that our discussions remain on point and germane to the project.

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2 thoughts on “Ald. Puente Responds to Ald. Dudzik’s Comments”

  1. Realist says:

    Joe Dudzik worked in sanitation and served as the “Local 47” union vice president before he became a politician (I don’t want to make it a racial thing, but was it to keep the rapist minorities out of his ‘hood?).

    One little known fact is his biggest accomplishment as multi-term alderman is the Walmart on 27th Street. Despite that monument to Milwaukee’s future, these recent comments will remain his legacy. It’s probably the first time he’s ever made the news.

    This begs the question: does the City of Milwaukee have any professionals (retired or not) who want govern and make policy for a large US city? Somebody who has some intelligence must live in that district to take this guy off the City payroll that he’s likely been on for 40 years. Business owners, civic leaders, retired judges, church leaders, etc. Is the pay that bad?

    Ultimately Dudzik succeeded in one thing: diverting attention away from the streetcar and onto himself. He has helped the case of his opponents.

  2. Les Paulson says:

    I appreciate, Alderman Puente, your support of the statement released by many of your Common Council colleagues. As one of your constituents, I would now ask that you also give your support to the street car project; build it as a start to greater things and move Milwaukee forward.

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