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Timothy Dolan

Timothy Dolan is the Cardinal Archbishop of New York. He was formerly Archbishop of Milwaukee.


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Murphy’s Law: Milwaukee’s Massive Pedophile Priest Problem
Murphy’s Law

Milwaukee’s Massive Pedophile Priest Problem

Boston gets all the attention in the movie ‘Spotlight’, but Milwaukee’s problem may be just as bad.

Murphy’s Law: Democrats in Disarray
Murphy’s Law

Democrats in Disarray

The firing of its state spokesperson is just another sign the party has lost its way.

Weakland misses his last chance to tell the truth
Press Release

Weakland misses his last chance to tell the truth

The brave survivors of childhood rape and sexual assault of the Milwaukee Archdiocese from St. John’s School for the Deaf have been undoing the folded lies of the Milwaukee Catholic hierarchy and their Vatican overseers for a very long time: nearly four decades.

Film Fest: A Cry for Justice
Film Fest

A Cry for Justice

A documentary at the Milwaukee Film Festival is a haunting look at a priest who abused deaf boys in this archdiocese.

The Roundup: Museum’s Wish List
The Roundup

Museum’s Wish List

"Many permanent exhibits will be upgraded."

The Roundup: Art Dealer in Jail
The Roundup

Art Dealer in Jail

Don’t bother calling Kennedy Fine Arts in Northbrook, Illinois. Don’t even try to leave a message, because the voice mailbox is full. Of course, it is easy to see why – James F. Kennedy, the art dealer, has been sitting in the Milwaukee County jail without bail since May 7th, and it looks like he’ll […]