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What’s It Worth?: Koeffler House A ‘Grand Old East Side Home’
What’s It Worth?

Koeffler House A ‘Grand Old East Side Home’

The historic Koeffler House, saved by historic designation in the 80's, will become a boutique hotel.

Bar Exam: Taylors, Downtown’s Neighborhood Bar
Bar Exam

Taylors, Downtown’s Neighborhood Bar

It was one of the first bars in town to embrace its sidewalk, and feature outdoor drinking.

Plenty of Horne: Shocking Conditions at the Courthouse
Plenty of Horne

Shocking Conditions at the Courthouse

Court Commissioner Barry Slagle electrocuted in scary, unreported incident at courthouse.

The Roundup: The Inaugural
The Roundup

The Inaugural

Marvin Pratt did not stand up with the crowd when Tom Barrett was inaugurated mayor, and the press has made a good deal of the slight. However, just after Judge Louis Butler administered the oath of office to the new mayor, Barrett’s first comments were to commend Pratt, and the former acting mayor did stand […]