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Murphy’s Law: Evers Takes a Page from Republicans
Murphy’s Law

Evers Takes a Page from Republicans

His push to give tax rebate to taxpayers was first used by Lee Dreyfus to win office.

The State of Politics: The Race Is On For Lt. Governor
The State of Politics

The Race Is On For Lt. Governor

The last time there was no incumbent, back in 2010, nine candidates ran for the position.

Yesterday’s Milwaukee: Sherman Park Has Been a Melting Pot
Yesterday’s Milwaukee

Sherman Park Has Been a Melting Pot

Tracing the neighborhood’s German, Jewish and African American heritage.

The State of Politics: Bill Would End “Revolving Door” Lobbyists
The State of Politics

Bill Would End “Revolving Door” Lobbyists

Would require one-year wait for ex-legislators and legislative aides to become lobbyists.

The State of Politics: Marty Schreiber’s Last Campaign
The State of Politics

Marty Schreiber’s Last Campaign

The former governor, faced with his beloved wife’s dementia, urges others to ask for help.

Murphy’s Law: Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy
Murphy’s Law

Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy

His strategy was to “largely ignore” Burke. That may have been a mistake.

Murphy’s Law: Attorneys Rush to Chisholm’s Defense
Murphy’s Law

Attorneys Rush to Chisholm’s Defense

Worried about possible recall, they plan fundraiser for the DA. But will it help him?

Murphy’s Law: Who Is Mary Burke?
Murphy’s Law

Who Is Mary Burke?

After meeting and interviewing her, I still find Burke something of an enigma.

The State of Politics: Republicans Push for “Supermajority” on Tax Hikes
The State of Politics

Republicans Push for “Supermajority” on Tax Hikes

Constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds majority could radically change state government.

The Roundup: Plale Recall Drive Begins
The Roundup

Plale Recall Drive Begins

Can a group of south side political activists pull themselves together enough to acquire 13,212 signatures to force a recall election against Sen. Jeff Plale? Rep. Jon Richards said he doubts it. “This thing is going nowhere,” says Rep. Josh Zepnick. “These people are so lazy! They’ve taken out a newspaper ad asking people to come by and sign a recall petition. Who is going to do that?” True enough. To win an election, you’ve got to knock on doors, post signs in windows and do all kinds of grass-rooted activities. There is scant evidence of this in the Plale recall attempt, and absolutely no evidence of it in the northern fringes of Plale’s district, including Brady Street and the East Side. That hasn’t stopped Plale from printing up thousands of football schedules that he is handing out at every turn. The South Milwaukeean made the journey to St. Rita’s Church last week to attend the Brady Street Association monthly meeting where he was asked about the recall. “They’ve got until September 7th to get the signatures to recall me,” Plale told the audience. When told there seemed to be no effort on the East Side to circulate petitions, Plale said, “well, these people wouldn’t know how to find Brady Street.” Plale was also in the Brady Street area for what the neighborhood hopes is an annual Artisinal Food Festival. The gig was held Sunday, July 25th, and Plale was there along with his schedules. The recall effort against him stemmed from his crucial vote to uphold Governor Doyle’s veto of a republican-sponsored measure to limit property tax increases. Plale says the upcoming plans to sponsor a constitutional amendment known as the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, (TABOR) is similarly flawed, and a potential recipe for disaster. He cites Colorado, a state that has enacted similar provisions into its laws and is now in the midst of its worst fiscal crisis ever. Amendment on the Run The legislature republicans spent the last unedifying session promoting the agenda of Gays, Guns and Gambling. The Madison gang came up with loads of goofy legislation, none of which could sustain a veto by the governor. Leave it to this group to be able to reconvene and pass a constitutional amendment, no less, in just one week. This was the decision of Sen. Mary Panzer, the republican leader who had earlier been criticized for not rushing a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights law through the Solomonic deliberations of the nation’s most august lawmakers. But, as soon as she faced a primary challenge from Rep.Glenn Grothman, an ambitious fellow republican who covets her senate seat, Panzer decided to schedule a vote for this week. Then, the legislature can go home and come back next year to vote again. Then, finally, the matter will be put to public vote in a referendum, if it is still alive. But, if the legislature does not act by August 5th, the whole procedure would have to be repeated in yet one […]

Murphy’s Law: Why Gov. McCallum’s Spending Priorities Were Wrong
Murphy’s Law

Why Gov. McCallum’s Spending Priorities Were Wrong

As the legislature wrestles with the state budget deficit, there has been talk of cutting every level of government except the schools.

Murphy’s Law: The Sad Saga of Rep. Steve Nass
Murphy’s Law

The Sad Saga of Rep. Steve Nass

These are not good days for Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater).