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Goodbye, Downtown Cousins Subs

Goodbye, Downtown Cousins Subs

Shop at 324 E. Wisconsin Ave. has closed. City still has 18 others.

Yesterday’s Milwaukee: Wells Building, 1915
Yesterday’s Milwaukee

Wells Building, 1915

Built in 1902 by Daniel Wells, building still stands, but stripped of roofline ornamentation.

City Streets: Ogden and Lyon Almost Obliterated
City Streets

Ogden and Lyon Almost Obliterated

Park East Freeway would have run to lakefront, eliminating both streets.

City Streets: Wells Street Has Quite a History
City Streets

Wells Street Has Quite a History

That includes the impact of plutocrat Daniel Wells, Greta Garbo and an Irish/German riot.

Best of Doors Open: Inside the Wells Building
Best of Doors Open

Inside the Wells Building

Step inside the 15-story high-rise, which was the largest terra cotta building in the world when built in 1901.