NEWaukeean of the Week: John Bauhs

John Bauhs

“I think that the new Bucks Arena will be a game changer for the city in 2018.”

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John Bauhs

"I think that the new Bucks Arena will be a game changer for the city in 2018."

Jessi Young

"My biggest hope for Milwaukee is for less segregation and more equality."

Tom Olson

"The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center will be a complete game changer to the city in 2018 and for generations to come."


Rochelle Neu Sews Things For Kids

She makes receiving blankets, tiny washcloths, floor mats, and infant crib quilts.


The Legacy of Ed Garvey

A corporate dragon-slayer, the Wisconsin Democrat helped pave the way for Bernie Sanders.

Remembering Jon Erickson

The late performance artist and professor had a big impact on Milwaukee’s cultural scene.

The Legacy of Dan Hicks

Musicians loved Hicks, who died last weekend. His unique songs influenced many.


Activist Tackles Education Disparities

YWCA community engagement manager Jamaal Smith pushes for change.

Harold Lewis, the Pfister Ambassador

He's met countless celebrities, and now has become a little famous himself.


“I would like to be my own boss.”

Lorenzo Williams is training to be a carpenter and eventually wants to start his own company.

“I have no trust in the judicial system.”

Lu Ann Will's mentally-ill son was shot by police answering her call for help. She still doesn't understand how it happened.


A Home Remodeler’s Journey

How to seize the opportunity to build a business.