• The Future of the Milwaukee Coast Guard Station

    DSC00669 Originally uploaded by benditlikebecker13 The Daily Reporter has an article that takes a look at the recent events surrounding the proposed demolition of the Milwaukee Coast Guard Station near McKinley Pier. It’s sad to see a landmark go, but the building is reportedly past the state of cost-effective repair. Most importantly, it’s essential that […]

  • A Word of Warning About Skybus

    I had previously hyped up the new low-cost airline Skybus since they started offering service out of Milwaukee.  Turns out everything isn’t perfect in Skybus land (or airbus).  Consumerist.com brings us a consumer horror story about Skybus.

  • RSC & Associates development moves ahead without TIF

    Over the last year a debate raged over the question of “to TIF or not to TIF?” RSC & Associates not only requested city financing but demanded publicly that their Park East Square project required $9.5 million of TIF assistance to be economically feasible. $6.8 million of this city subsidy would of been to build […]

  • Merry Christmas Milwaukeeans

    Milwaukee County (and the City of Milwaukee) got what it wanted for Christmas with the official sale of the first plot of land in the Park East neighborhood. Did you?

  • Word on the Street (12.21.2007)

    Information from the infosphere… Seattle mayor Greg Nickels is working on a plan that will encourage all city employees to use public transportation, by giving the free transit passes.  Milwaukee should get behind this. The Daily Reporter has a good look at the issues affecting the 27th Street ramp off of Interstate 94. Thrivent Financial […]

  • Cramer-Krasselt Moving To Third Ward

    Milwaukee Ale House, Water Buffalo, etc, etc. Originally uploaded by compujeramey The nation’s third largest independent advertising firm Cramer-Krasselt, who as you may remember was supposed to move to a Robert Ruvin-development in the Park East neighborhood, has announced that they’re moving from Van Buren Street to the Third Ward. The firm will move to […]

  • More on Skybus

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a good article on how the economics of Skybus play out.  If you were intrigued by my previous report, I suggest you give the JS article a read.

  • Community & Economic Development Committee Hears About Milwauee 7

    Milwaukee Department of City Development Commissioner Rocky Marcoux presented a report, file number 070876, on the progress of the Milwaukee 7 initiative. Northwest Side Area Comprehensive Plan,He highlighted the group’s efforts which included 425 site visits, helping to maintain some 2300+ jobs and creating 3300+ news jobs. Another significant highlight of the Milwaukee 7’s progress […]

  • Zoning Committee Hears the Northwest Side Area Comprehensive Plan

    The Northwest Side Area Comprehensive Plan, resolution 070933, was presented to the ZND committee seeking approved but it faced multiple criticisms that needed addressing. First Alderman Bauman explained that the northwest side has significant rail infrastructure and because of this there is “tremendous potential on the Northwest side” for transit oriented development, improved mass transit […]

  • 100 Things To Be Thankful For in Milwaukee

    Miller Park Originally uploaded by compujeramey In honor of Thanksgiving, OnMilwaukee.com has released a list of 100 Reasons For Milwaukeeans To Give Thanks. My favorites… 17. Bratwurst from Usinger’s and Klement’s. 89. Speaking of transportation, we’re thankful that Michael Cudahy continues to fight for innovative rail in Milwaukee.

  • Hats Off To The Shepherd Express

    Run (literally, it’s cold outside) and pick up the Shepherd Express before the next issue comes out, because the current issues takes an excellent look back at the past 25 years. If you’re geographically or mobility challenged, everything is available online, but you’ll miss out on the great advertisements. The main article is “Still Crazy […]

  • Do You Have Karma?

    OnMilwaukee.com has an interview with one of the owners of the brand new Karma Bar & Grille located inbetween Chipotle and Panera on Ogden. At first glance it appears to be worth your time to check out.  I’ll be there for dinner tonight to verify.