• Urban Almanac

    Life stories writ small

    In our region's lakes, ponds and rivers, the rhythm of life beats with more urgency as summer moves in, even for the smallest creatures.

  • Pantry raid

    Pasta perfect

    Pasta salads yield to the inspirations you'll find in our pantries.

  • ‘Henry V’ production proves simplicity can still be quality

    The one thing any Shakespeare play doesn't need in order to be successful is extraneous sensationalism. The Bard's text alone often makes the plays so dense that any effort to heighten them with elaborate or ornate design elements can seem like depreciation. With language so beautiful, characters so rich, and dramatic turns so engaging - all Shakespeare needs for a quality production is a talented and dedicated cast, supported by equally worthy direction. With Milwaukee's Quasi-Production' staging of Henry V, a vast array of talent has assembled to create a simple but highly engaging depiction of the solidarity of soldiers, the beauty of love, and the power of unity.

  • Boomerang!

    Minding the rules

    Building a consensus in the kitchen

  • Farmers markets help nourish local economies as well

    Supporting local growers comes with many benefits for food consumers

  • Fine wines

    Tapping the Dairy State's 150-year-old winemaking tradition

  • Conscious Spaces

    Environmental illness in your life

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: What is it, and could you be suffering from it?

  • Baloney on Wry

    Love bites

    When you live in a rural area, or even a small town, there is almost always at least one dish in your cabinet that is freshly washed and simply awaiting return to its rightful owner.

  • Pantry raid!

    Salad grains

    For quick and versatile summer salads, you can’t top this trio: 
couscous, quinoa and bulgur

  • From the editor

    The shape of hope

    Running headlong into the future - with optimism

  • Simply Health

    Cool it

    The right foods can help keep you cool this summer. Foods grown in the summer are often rich in water content and easier to digest, which helps to keep our bodies cool.

  • Tidbits

    News you need to know

    Researchers, farmers hope bee population continues rebound from colony collapse Will this year be a good one for bees? Time – and analysis – will tell if our country’s bee population will continue to bounce back from lows suffered two years ago. Bee colony collapse has not been in the news much since the sumemr […]