Vantage Point

About the Vantage Point Series: Art photographer and journalist Brian Jacobson has always sought out the higher viewpoints when it came to his urban cityscape photographs. Much like architectural photographers at the turn of the 20th-century, there is a different feel and scope to buildings and street patterns as seen from the rooftops, high hills and bridges in Milwaukee. His photo series tries to see what is typically unseen by the pedestrian. (for further detail, refer to last week’s article)

Vantage Point: The Whole Cityscape
Vantage Point

The Whole Cityscape

Call it a bonus round: an assemblage of photos taken in my tour of many great vantage points in Milwaukee.

Vantage Point: From The Pfister Hotel
Vantage Point

From The Pfister Hotel

At dusk, the 23rd floor of the Pfister Hotel tower offers beautiful views of a changing city

Vantage Point: From The Railway Exchange Building
Vantage Point

From The Railway Exchange Building

Built in 1901, the classic, 12-story building is well-situated for great views of Downtown and the old and new city.

Vantage Point: From the Potawatomi Hotel
Vantage Point

From the Potawatomi Hotel

From the 20th floor, a magnificent view of the city and its central valley, once grimly industrial and now turning ever more green.

Vantage Point: From the Hyatt Polaris Room
Vantage Point

From the Hyatt Polaris Room

My goal was to duplicate the 1896 view of Milwaukee in the famous lithograph. Not quite, but great views anyway.

Vantage Point: From Atop the Hilton Hotel
Vantage Point

From Atop the Hilton Hotel

Make that the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, which, with its radio antenna, is about as tall as the U.S. Bank building, and offers stunning views.

Vantage Point: Rooftop Dining
Vantage Point

Rooftop Dining

The dramatic yet oh-so-civilized views from Cafe Benelux, Wolf Peach and Hotel Metro's Zen on 7.

Vantage Point: From The Moderne
Vantage Point

From The Moderne

Its signature penthouse, known as “THIRTY 01,” may offer the best view of the city.

Vantage Point: Gimbel’s Building
Vantage Point

Gimbel’s Building

The classic retailer is long gone, but the “ASQ Center” lives on.

Vantage Point: Milwaukee Public Library
Vantage Point

Milwaukee Public Library

Giant Eagle sculptures outside of the central branch evince an intriguing history.

Vantage Point: Catholic Financial Life Building
Vantage Point

Catholic Financial Life Building

The Modernist downtown property has a history of transition, and one heck of a view.