• Photo Gallery

    A Night at the Circus

    It may just be a boutique festival circus attached to a much larger parade, but on a cool summer night at Milwaukee's lakefront -- it's pure magic.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Alice Austen

    This week on Backstage: Alice Austen is an award-winning Chicago playwright -- who lives in Milwaukee. It sounds like a contradiction, but it's not! Find out why.

  • On Stage with TCD

    July 7 to 13

    July stage work in Milwaukee comes back roaring like a tiger with a gaucho on its tail, a ballerina pirouetting to fireworks, three men in a foreign prison, and a @#%$^ Mamet couple. Confused? All becomes clear within our weekly highlight roundup.

  • Milwaukee Chamber Theater announces new Managing Director

    We're a little late on the news, but in case you are too, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre last week announced new Managing Director Kirsten Mulvey to replace former Managing Director David Todd, who left MCT in February after a short stint that began in the fall of 2007.

  • On Stage with TCD

    A Bye Week

    With the upcoming holiday weekend, there isn't much starting up, besides a few items of note. We look at what's going on and why the next few weeks are going to be huge, like an elephant big.

  • The Winter’s Tale, told in the dead of summer

    If the acting of Winter's Tale shines, then it's the APT stage design that intensifies the illumination. The production has been set in the late 19th (and early 20th) century.....Set changes are inventively pared down to the modified placement of a single and simple chair.

  • Continuing coverage

    An Open Letter to Skylight

    An excerpt from Sarah Krieg Hwangs letter: Being a company with 501(c)(3) status means you benefit the public. If you benefit the public then shouldn't that public be informed? Don't they deserve it?

  • Love and Respect, 100 Years Later

    The Philanderer at American Players Theatre

    Contrasted against a rugged outdoor setting, the sumptuous turquoise and red late 19th-century scenery at the American Players Theatre production of The Philanderer prepares the audience for contrasts that George Bernard Shaw invokes in his play. Progressive for the time (it was banned at first by British Censorship in 1893), the story contains themes of feminine vs. masculine, father vs. daughter, love vs. lust, and marriage vs. friendship - all mingling together in a captivating script performed by the APT in their Spring Green home.

  • I Hope I Get It

    Chorus Line brings renewed relevance to the stage

    In a time in which theater is hurting due to the economy, and in a pop culture environment of reality show competition formats - think American Idol, Survivor, Big Brother, where unknowns compete for a semblance of fame - the current national tour of A Chorus Line is more relevant than ever.

  • Performing Arts and Fine Music Preview

    June 24 – 30

    There are some eclectic events that are soldiering on despite the Summerfest competition such as Boulevard Theatre's Audition Idol, American Players Theatre's new Harold Pinter play at the new indoor Touchstone stage, the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival features a National Guard jazz band, and the week-long run of MSO's Pops concert series. Cue the Mission: Impossible triangle......


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and David Begel

    Long-time friends Mark Metcalf and David Begel discuss how they met in a Milwaukee Shakespeare production of The Merchant of Venice, David's long and colorful career that spans the great distance between sports writing, MPS administration and acting on stage, how professional sports are like theater, arts criticism and what it will take to make a more vibrant culture for the arts in Milwaukee. Discussed: national public dance, Mark's tardiness, how the internet just lets you keep going and going.

  • Skylight cuts Artistic Director Theisen, key staff roles

    Beal resigns from board in protest

    Most know the story by now. The Executive Committee of Skylight Opera, without board discussion or vote, last week eliminated key staff positions that many supporters believe lets flow freely the lifeblood of this traditionally family-like company. This morning Jonathan West posts the full text of the resignation letter of long-time supporter and board member, Robert L. Beal, on his blog, Artsy Schmartsy.