• Review

    Boulevard Theatre’s “Stations of the Cross”

    Written by local writer, actor and storyteller Beth Monhollen, Boulevard Theatre's Stations of the Cross follows the traditional 'stations' of Jesus suffering as told through monologues and short scenes about the restaurant service industry. Often witty and occasionally dark, Cross provides many, many laughs and insights into human behavior.

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    ‘Romantic Fools’ at the Tenth Street Theater

    Fools and their fantasies: Perhaps at one time or another every person plays a fool for love. Portraying both the foolish and the fantastical through the course of a loosely related romance, In Tandem Theatre Company closes its season with Rich Orloff’s comic revue Romantic Fools. Twelve short sketches travel down a wayward path between […]

  • Performance, Music, and Visual Arts Preview

    May 4-12, 2009

    It's a splashy week in Milwaukee performing and visual arts: Marvin Hamlisch, old-time radio, The Great Divorce, Beauty and the Beast, 42nd Street, Willy Wonka, Mad Hot Ballroom, Cirque du Soleil and more.

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    ‘Cabaret’ at Carte Blanche Studios

    ...many of the players have to deliver lines, sing, and kick kick twirl kick while in various stages of provocative wear only inches from the front row. A series of invisible doors and narrow entryways rush players onstage and props switch back and forth. With no abundance of space, every inch becomes amorphous and left to the audience to imagine further.

  • Performance and Visual Arts Preview

    April 29 to May 4

    We’re adjusting the timing of this weekly preview to give you a better jump on planning your outings. As a result what you see here are the events going on just through this weekend (and one event beyond). Check back Monday, May 4 for a new selection of performing, musical, and visual arts happening in […]

  • Munchkin audition update

    further details and terms

    We posted last week that auditions are being held at the Milwaukee Theatre before the June 5-7 run of the national tour of The Wizard of Oz for additional munchkins in the form of local children. A closer look at the tour's website revealed, however, some qualifiers that will be a boon for some local groups, but a limitation to individual parents that should be known.

  • Hair wants to shine, but falls flat

    Even though Hair defined the "rock musical" genre and illustrated drug use, its message was actually quite serious and intellectual. But the players at UWM seem to have trouble paying homage to these great American social issues. On stage, actors seem more intent on portraying various stages of being stoned. Illegal drug use pervades the entire show, but it here it seemed to overtake all other aspects.

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    Brooklyn Boy at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

    Milwaukee Chamber Theatre closes its 34th season with playwright Donald Margulies’s semi-autobiographical play. It focuses on a novelist who, after two attempts at the great American novel, gets it right on the third try to critical acclaim and popularity by penning a semi-autobiographic novel called Brooklyn Boy. With the vague notion that this achievement may […]

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    ‘I Just Stopped to See the Man’ at Steimke Theater


    Whether an individual actually walks side by side with the Devil or only faces personal demons during his life, the human soul suffers — needing to sing “the blues”. In the Stiemke Theater’s final selection of the season, I Just Stopped By To See The Man, all three of its characters sidestep tragedy in order to gain greater […]

  • Review

    How I Became a Pirate at First Stage

    Each pirate on this ship, cleverly dressed for the sailing, sings and dances to rhythmic tropical tunes while young Jeremy learns pirate code and language enough to join the crew. When a midnight storm ensues, the mast lets loose over the stage before intermission. In the second act, pirates search the audience. Representing the Arrgh's cast, Austin Zdziarski as Jeremy Jacob ably handles this zest for sea life, and helps them bury their booty. But he still longs for soccer games and kisses goodnight.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin’s Trenyce Cobbins dishes on the show

    "It's amazing," says Cobbins. "Now it's like a well-oiled machine - but somehow it's a different show every day. [Players] keep adding to the show. The way you say a line, a harmony with more emotional investment in it."

  • Performance and Visual Art Openings April 22-29

    This Spring week's new offerings include a night of comedy and trivia at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, a play offering an unusual look at waitressing, the return of Insurgent, . Here are some openings and highlights.....