• ‘Henry V’ realized with more than just imaginary forces

    It is the final play from William Shakespeare's historical tetraology of British kings, and the most oft-quoted. This Quasi Productions performance of Henry V grew not only out of a collective desire to make a worthy theatrical presentation, but from a grim sense of incompletion.

  • Off the Wall’s fundraiser mines with ‘Gold’

    Broadway music often strikes memories in the mind, and it was this intent which played the audience's heartstrings in a four day special event at Off the Wall Theatre's staged fundraiser to support its upcoming 2009-2010 season which stages at the Black Box space on Wells Street in Milwaukee.

  • Performing Arts and Music Preview

    May 26 – June 1

    With spring awakening ancient feelings, Milwaukee's fine arts scene turns to a celebration of the spirit. We suspect many artists, actors, and musicians are oiling up their bikes for next weekend's Miller Lite Ride for the Arts (more on that in a feature article for TCD next week). But there are several programs for kids, by kids, and by up-and-comers featured this week.


    75 years of the Florentine Opera

    The Florentine Opera, Wisconsin's oldest fully professional performing arts organization, hosts a special one-night-only Diamond Anniversary concert in celebration of their 75th year in the business. In tribute, enjoy this fabulous photo history from the Company's expansive archive.

  • Performing Arts and Fine Music Preview

    May 19 – 25

    This week on ThirdCoast Digest's weekly look at highlights in the world of local stage and music:the opening of Skylight Opera's staging of Gilbert and Sullivan's best known comic opera, right before the Florentine Opera concludes a 75th Diamond Anniversary year with a huge concert celebration. Also, Stonefly Brewery plays host for one night to an unusual traveling comedy examing surrealism, and a international pop star of sorts is coming to the Milwaukee Theatre.

  • Performing, Music and Visual Arts Preview

    May 12-18

    This week in Performance and Visual Arts: live improv comedy, Ko-Thi's 40th anniversary, "Common People" (yep, the Shatner ballet) at Milwaukee Ballet, Paul Cebar and David Greenberger at the Pabst, pajama jamborees, a "no instrument spared" musical event at the WCM, True Skool (sic) at MAM and much, much more.

  • Theater Reviews

    ‘Children of a Lesser God’ and ‘The Great Divorce’

    There is - at least on some surface or technical levels - a certain kinship of challenge between the two productions currently staging on two opposite sides of Milwaukee County this month. Both have entirely black stages, with many benches, stairs, or props painted black as well to give the idea that the play takes place in the mind of the main character. That protagonist remains on stage and speaking for most of the time. Both plays have religious or theological underpinnings, although one is more direct about it.

  • Review

    Boulevard Theatre’s “Stations of the Cross”

    Written by local writer, actor and storyteller Beth Monhollen, Boulevard Theatre's Stations of the Cross follows the traditional 'stations' of Jesus suffering as told through monologues and short scenes about the restaurant service industry. Often witty and occasionally dark, Cross provides many, many laughs and insights into human behavior.

  • Review

    ‘Romantic Fools’ at the Tenth Street Theater

    Fools and their fantasies: Perhaps at one time or another every person plays a fool for love. Portraying both the foolish and the fantastical through the course of a loosely related romance, In Tandem Theatre Company closes its season with Rich Orloff’s comic revue Romantic Fools. Twelve short sketches travel down a wayward path between […]

  • Performance, Music, and Visual Arts Preview

    May 4-12, 2009

    It's a splashy week in Milwaukee performing and visual arts: Marvin Hamlisch, old-time radio, The Great Divorce, Beauty and the Beast, 42nd Street, Willy Wonka, Mad Hot Ballroom, Cirque du Soleil and more.

  • Review

    ‘Cabaret’ at Carte Blanche Studios

    ...many of the players have to deliver lines, sing, and kick kick twirl kick while in various stages of provocative wear only inches from the front row. A series of invisible doors and narrow entryways rush players onstage and props switch back and forth. With no abundance of space, every inch becomes amorphous and left to the audience to imagine further.

  • Performance and Visual Arts Preview

    April 29 to May 4

    We’re adjusting the timing of this weekly preview to give you a better jump on planning your outings. As a result what you see here are the events going on just through this weekend (and one event beyond). Check back Monday, May 4 for a new selection of performing, musical, and visual arts happening in […]