• On Stage with TCD

    July 28 – August 3

    What's the bigger opener this weekend: the world-influencing Emergence by Milwaukee Ballet, or Cats (not the broadway musical but actual performing felines) at Alchemist?

  • Skylight

    Dispatches from Catalano Square

    At 8 a.m., 70+ concerned Skylight supporters gathered in Catalano Square. At 9, a beleaguered Eric Dillner and interim board president Terry Kurtenbach came out to face them.

  • Skylight

    Dillner in, Hefty out, Cabot snubbed

    In a baffling emergency session Thursday evening, the Skylight board elected, in a close vote, to retain current management, namely Eric Dillner.

  • Skylight

    A primer, recap, and update

    As of this writing, the board of Skylight Opera Theatre met in emergency session after losing two more major players. Herein lies a look at the institution and how a 50th Anniversary season is in peril.

  • Skylight Opera

    Dillner must go

    There may be a place for your approach, Mr. Dillner, a place that embraces your psuedo-businessman style. But it's not here. You had your chance and you blew it.

  • Skylight Opera

    A tragic exodus?

    TCD hopes that this family can be brought back together again. Major morning update on Wednesday, July 22.

  • Audition notice

    Windfall Theatre

    Windfall Theatre holds auditions for its 2009-10 season.

  • On Stage with TCD

    7/22 to 7/28

    This week on Milwaukee stages: dancing, tuba-playing contests, street music, tango and scenes from Shakespeare's greatest hits.

  • Review

    Beauty’s Daughter for Uprooted Theatre

    Milwaukee's new African-American Theate company opens with a powerful, poetic, and late-night experience as told through Marti L. Gobel's one woman performance from a famous Orlandersmith play.

  • Review

    Sexual Perversity in Chicago

    Video presentation, a fluid direction, and that staccato way of talking. You know? Yeah. But you know? Right. It's playing at Bay View's Alchemist Theatre.

  • Review

    Little Women at Acacia Theatre

    Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth sing! It doesn’t help.

  • On Stage with TCD

    7/15 – 7/21

    Milwaukee stages are jumping with fearless productions, including offerings from Youngblood, Danceworks, and Uprooted Theatre. If you're ready for something fresh, edgy and fabulous, get out there.