• Shuffling Priorities

    How MARN is Pushing Art to the Top of The List

    In times of financial duress, priorities are re-structured and during the shuffle, funding for the arts is sent to the bottom of the pile. MARN's Executive Director Melissa Musante wants to make sure that the arts get shuffled back to the top.


    Summer in Milwaukee means more than just tailgating and eating on patios. Enjoy your art outside with this review of the treasures to be found and personalities to be encountered at Lakefront Festival of the Arts, the East Side Green Market, Milwaukee Public Market and across the region: Sheboygan, Madison, Door County and more.

  • American Originals

    A Tale of Two Shows

    American Originals at the Milwaukee Art Museums takes a slice of artistic life at the turn of the twentieth century and puts together a double shot of shows with The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs and The Eight and American Modernisms. It's an interesting marriage of convenience as these exhibitions take up summer residence in the Baker/Rowland Gallery. They are arranged back-to-back, like friendly neighbors, but clearly delineated as separate entities, each with its own catalogue.

  • Adam Nilson’s Painted Beats

    Photo dispatches from Adam Nilson's one-of-a-kind show of music and large-scale murals at the Beloit Fine Art Incubator...

  • Closing this week

    Current Tendencies and There, There

    These exhibitions are a bit like cross-town cousins; common traits link them in the family, but they each have distinctly individual characters. Current Tendencies is calm, composed, strait-laced and solid. There There is the wily one, admittedly more playful and mischevious, the prankster of the two. Both are affiliated with major universities in the city and offer up contemporary work from an array of artists.


    Nilson Studios at Beloit’s Fine Arts Incubator

    Painted Beats reflects the apocalypse of inner city life through smoke and light, huge paintings that swallow the viewer in the dark shades of urban decay, and a soundtrack of beats mixed specifically for each piece. Stereos with several sets of Koss-donated headphones will be installed in front of each art work for take one step further into the landscape. Nilson says his viewer/listeners will be absorbed in "an Artist's Rapture."

  • See it, believe it

    Visual arts happenings, June 3 – 10

    Jason Rohlf at Tory Folliard, Charles Rohlf (no relation) and The Eight at Milwaukee Art Museum and the popular Annual Members Show at the Walker's Point Center for the Arts.

  • Painting for progress

    MIAD, AmeriCorps & local youth collaborate

    People who come to the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center on Milwaukee's south side will get a new kind of medicine these days. It's not through prescriptions or preventative treatment, but instead a vision of hope outside the building. It's art.

  • Dem Bones

    What’s In Your Yard?

    Anyway, all of this set me wondering: is a modest pink flamingo less or more interesting than one of the gigantic art sculptures visible along N. Lakeshore Drive? You know … the ones that shout “Look! I’m art!” I can envision a gigantic gnome in a conical hat standing near Wisconsin Ave., can’t you? If you go to Burns Park on Prospect Avenue, there is a Beverly Pepper sculpture some claim resembles a giant spade.

  • Performing, Music and Visual Arts Preview

    May 12-18

    This week in Performance and Visual Arts: live improv comedy, Ko-Thi's 40th anniversary, "Common People" (yep, the Shatner ballet) at Milwaukee Ballet, Paul Cebar and David Greenberger at the Pabst, pajama jamborees, a "no instrument spared" musical event at the WCM, True Skool (sic) at MAM and much, much more.

  • Performance, Music, and Visual Arts Preview

    May 4-12, 2009

    It's a splashy week in Milwaukee performing and visual arts: Marvin Hamlisch, old-time radio, The Great Divorce, Beauty and the Beast, 42nd Street, Willy Wonka, Mad Hot Ballroom, Cirque du Soleil and more.

  • Performance and Visual Arts Preview

    April 29 to May 4

    We’re adjusting the timing of this weekly preview to give you a better jump on planning your outings. As a result what you see here are the events going on just through this weekend (and one event beyond). Check back Monday, May 4 for a new selection of performing, musical, and visual arts happening in […]