Trial and error with Dwellephant

By - Oct 6th, 2009 07:49 pm
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Dwellephant will try anything once, and he’s not afraid if he fails. A hand-painted graphic novel? Live art? An old-fashioned panel-format comic strip? Political cartoons? Why not!

Mark meets Milwaukee’s mysterious purveyor of cute monsters, dinos, birdies and rapping cats and finds out where he got his nom de guerre. Together, they discuss how advertising is like graffiti, fine art and classism, setting goals for the future and where you can find his new book Missing the Boat (Hint: It’s the only book written by someone named “Dwellephant,” so special order that business!).

Listen now! Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Dwellephant!

See (or buy!) more of Dwellephant’s work here, and while you’re out and about on the World Wide Web, don’t forget to subscribe to Backstage with Mark Metcalf through iTunes.

More illustrators still to come in our series on ink-stained hands and the new world order of computer-based graphic design next week!

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